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  1. Hello community, some days ago, I started a server , Freeroam server. It has a lot of good scripts took on the resource section and bunch made by me (Im scripter). We have average of 3-4 players constant, we are looking to improve it. IM looking for someone/peoples, to help me making GFX, the logo (Login) , small details, making new objects texture ect. Im also looking for ideas, I cant tell what we have or dont have, but our server is well started, but it need much more advert and to get more known. Here are informations about server. Name: Freeroam/Stunt/Fun Server Ip:
  2. My function : Tell if the player is inside or outside spawn , if inside, it takes out weapon when command is called spawnkill = createMarker(383.28732299805, 2538.4411621094, 15.459802627563 , 'checkpoint', 15, 255, 0, 0, 150) function spawnkill(thePlayer, matchingDimension) if isElementWithinMarker(thePlayer, spawnkill) then takeAllWeapons ( thePlayer) outputChatBox("No Weapons Inside Spawn!", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0) else outputChatBox("You can kill!", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0) end end addCommandHandler("spawnkill", spawnkill) But wtf this error happen: Bad argumen
  3. What you mean with Mapfile? I see all car respawn in th .map files, but I made spawn with map editor as usual.
  4. I will try tonight, So this n may respawn at the Original spawn right? And what about respawn if vehicle is left for mmore than 2 minutes ? Set respawn delay right?
  5. Yes I have, but I have more than 30 spawn.... Please Someone , help me!!!!!
  6. I made a function that respawn cars when they explode (For My Freeroam server) Its simple, when the car explodes, it respawn one at the same place where it exploded. But What I really want is to respawn car at their original spawn when they move (hit or drive) or are damaged Here is my function: function respawnVehicle( vehicle ) spawnVehicle ( vehicle, getElementData( vehicle, "posX" ), getElementData( vehicle, "posY" ), getElementData( vehicle, "posZ" ), getElementData( vehicle, "rotX" ), getElementData( vehicle, "rotY" ), getElementData( vehicle, "rotZ" ) ) end function
  7. But can you help me fixing that? For me it help to begin
  8. Hi,i use since some time the race_starter_pack ressource,but,when someone join my server,after the round,it makes him win...even when he has the state 'Waiting' on the Tab Panel. And i got an other problem,when you disconnect,it dont save your car,nick,and light color,you need to only open and close the panel and then your settings are back.... Thanks for help [MAD]BlackBerry (MAD Server)(DDC Admin)
  9. Hello,im trying to figure out how can i respawn a player that his death(i mean bring him back to life) The gamemode is Deathmatch (Race DD/DM) i know my script should contain function pmFindPlayer ( text ) local player = getPlayerFromName ( text ) if ( player ) then return player end local lowtext = string.lower ( text ) for id , player in ipairs ( getElementsByType ( "player" ) ) do if ( string.find ( string.lower ( getPlayerName ( player ) ), lowtext , 1 , true ) ) then return player end end return false end And i kno
  10. i KNow its old topic but pls SEND ME THE LINK OF MTA:GUS x16 I WANT IT WHERE CNA I FIND IT PLS PM ME OR SEDN IT TO ME at pm.cote@hotmail.com
  11. AS you can see.i made only one level(Level 1) ,you are not obligated to edit it and add up to Level 10...if you want...I just need Level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 So Admin is named (showed)as 10 , Super Moderator name (showed) as 9 Moderator As 8 and all other named (showed) as their level.... Thanks men,i really aprreciate your precious helping hand.... http://pastebin.com/tXgYQYf6
  12. Hi,im trying to make a script,(edit one) I want the Script to sort all Admins on each cathegories (admin,moderator....ect)But i im dumb,and i dont know how i could do that.i can make small changes but never all the script... So when i type /admins it say: Online Admins: Level 10:[player1],[player2] Level 9:[player3] Level 8:[player4),[player5] Up to level 1..... Oh and i want it to be seen by all the serv(players) when someone type it I already Created my aclgroup of Levels,i just want to be showed on this ...thanks -- (/admins) local admins = "" function processAdminList() play
  13. For your DMZ,it is on your router config page(normally and you lokk up for the DMZ tabs,then you enter your pc local ip ,and here it is.. For my part i gonna try it.
  14. It is ok,my port 22126 on TCP and UDP is forwaded too.I dont know wahats the problem. Help Me OMG
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