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  1. At the moment MTA does not work stable on Windows 10 for many people. Extreme low FPS is often experienced (down to 1FPS) as soon as you connect to a server. The developers have sadly stated that this will not be looked at until the final release of Windows 10.
  2. sebihunter

    Low FPS in MTA SA

    Same problem on 10130 Win10 build --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Benchmark results - 2015-06-06 09:29:29 --------------------------------------- Lua exec MHz: 2623 Part1(sea) FPS: 1 Part2(grove) FPS: 1 Part3(peds) FPS: 1 Part4(cars) FPS: 1 Player Name: [url=TG://Sebihunter]TG://Sebihunter[/url] Player Ping: 0 Player Version: 1.4.1-9.07274.0 TestMode: none VideoCardName: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 VideoCardRAM: 1024 VideoCardPSVersion: 3 VideoMemoryFreeForMTA: 767 VideoMemoryUsedByFonts: 0 VideoMemoryUsedByText
  3. Seems like a nice update. Even though I personally do not need any of the scripting functions introduced atm I am happy about the following: Thought that might be fixed in 1.4, not in 1.3.1 so well ye, nice to see that already in the newest release. Let us hope the download speed is as fast as in 1.2 again
  4. As the guy who did this has no account on these forums he told me to post his map for him. This is Skrillexs first map so he wants some comments on this one in order to improve his skills. You can play it exclusively on Vita Race: mtasa:// (MTA 1.2 needed due to: http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=6826)
  5. Let us hope this fixed all the network problems. Good job and now no major releases for some time kthnxbb
  6. Those maps are just freakin awesome. Great work and I am hoping to see soon even more maps made by you
  7. A preview of the upcoming version of "Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas" showcasing some gameplay of the latest public test including shader functions, traffic lights and several other new features. Nothing more to say about it actually.
  8. Hello fellas. I just want to share the bus script I made with you. It also has announcements for the next station which get played automaticly for every player in the bus. cheers Sebihunter
  9. Not much to say actually. I just created a small video due to the celebration of Neons 3rd birthday. It consists of many gameplay videos on various mta resources and so I thought I'd share it with you. cheers Sebastian
  10. Four-MP is not a fake, it's just bugged and unfinished. Atleast they actually try to get it synced atm so I guess it's just a matter of time until it works fine. Although, I do not appreciate that they stole aru's ScriptHook and don't credit him for his work, thats just lame. I would really like to see MTA Orange in the future. 2 mods means it's developers need to code very innovative and good features which the other mod doesn't have. Although, I still hope there's not going to be a war like MTA:SA vs. SA-MP when it comes to MTA Orange vs. IV:MP. Beeing a scripter and fan of MTASA and myse
  11. sebihunter

    Mta orange? :S

    Multi Theft Apple: Orange?
  12. It's a fanclub. Well, doesn't the title say what it is?
  13. sebihunter

    Mta orange? :S

    Orange is the new Blue (well, I guess so )
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