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  1. Well now that I have been playing MTA for some time, I feel the need to share my thoughts with the community. I dunno what you guys think.. (or to be honest if this was already discussed) but although I LOVE this mod and I think it's very funny, very well made, and very interesting.. what I was most disapointing for me was... the sync. I have been wating for this mod since it started development and my expectations were very high in this aspect: the preview videos released showed what seemed to be an amazing sync (much better than that of another mod everyone knows) but I must say: I was hopi
  2. Oh... ok I just hate trainers they totally ruin the game
  3. Good to see more Modes coming out, and this one seems really good Good job mate! Gonna try it soon hehhee
  4. I have discovered a method that works for me. My mouse is a logitec gaming mouse that came with ASUS G1S Laptop and it uses a small program called "logitec mouse and keyboard" which allows the user to control the mouse sensitivity ingame (using 2 buttons in the mouse). If i deactivate the program before lauching MTA the mouse works ingame (in deactivate it should read "close" ). I cannot 100% guarantee that this solves the problem, it might have been just luck that the problem didn't occur. Anyway if any of u guys has a mouse that uses a similar system try this and tell me if it worked for you
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    It still happens in DP2 The last time me and my friend have expirence such desync was playing capture the vehicle, we lost our car so we decided to go a 1v1 match using Bat only... No matter how hard I hitted him he didn't lose hp and kept saying something like "lOl!? where are u aiming dude?!" It only happens sometimes though and usually a while after we joined the server.
  6. AlphaEndgame


    The Sync is good most of the time. But I did found some cases when my char was completely out of sync with the server. I use to play MTA using TS with a friend so we can easily talk. In those desync cases althought we both had a ping <150 when i tried to shoot him he saw my char shooting somewhere else and he didn't loose Heatlh. The desync still happens if he is the one trying to shoot me. I dunno if it is a server problem or something but that's the most likely cause. This happened on DVP1
  7. Ok... i have tried a few things and this is really wierd. I am using a laptop and an usb mouse. I started MTA and i got the "Can't look with mouse" bug. I activated my touchpad and unplugged the USB mouse... VOILA! It works! I can do the "look" with the touchpad. Then I reconnected the mouse and the game got screwed.. my char kept running to the right without stop, keyboard stops responding and neither the touchpad nor the mouse work Anyway I just thought this info might prove usefull to a fix... (maybe it wont )
  8. This is an issue that's already being discussioned in another topic. You have to restart MTA:SA multiple times until u get the mouse to work. I guess this is a bug and hopefully will be fixed in the next release.
  9. Well i can confirm that it WORKS after you restart the game a few times (it took me 4 restarts to get it to work thought). It is just as 3o5 says, right and left click works fine but the look around doesn't. EDIT: Oh I am using VISTA btw
  10. Nope, i have the same problem and i have the San Andreas Single player configured correctly (mouse + keyboard) and I still have trouble to get the mouse to work in MTA
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