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  1. I hope not man, I need as much help as i can get here. My clan is currently hosting off someones computer (10 people) and our server always fills above that, crashing it.
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking to rent a cheap but somewhat reliable server for MTA:DM. Does anyone know of any good hosting companies that I could look at? BTW: I need a server in North America, preferably Texas. Thanks!
  3. Agreed. Lay off guys, Troy is no longer a part of [NR], as we do not wish to cause any grief to the MTA team or any of the servers/players. We hope that you will come into our server sometime and enjoy playing in a hack free server with the rest of us.
  4. Sorry, should have replied earlier, but that solution fixed it mostly. I still have some issues with things like AK's and stuff in cars but I can work around that. Thanks for your help!
  5. you could try lowering the resolution a bit, make sure mip mapping and AA are off. The graphics card/RAM should be fine for GTA, same with the processor (even though none of them are spectacular). Try checking what background processes are running and turn them off while playing MTA. (Norton, other antivirus, MSN, etc)
  6. uninstall program on disc? control panel > add/remove programs? either of those been tried yet? CCleaner might be able to remove the game as well
  7. yeah, I'm seriously sick of getting to one game mode, and having some noobs who don't like the map vote for their favourite. I haven't played a full round of anything for days.
  8. agreed. i tried this with my PS2 controller and it works great
  9. I'm having trouble in servers related to drive byes. I will pull out a gun (usually a sub machine or machine gun like the mp5 or tec9) then hop into a car. Whether i am the driver or the passenger i cant shoot from the car. I know its not a server setting problem because I have friends who are in the same server as me but doing drive byes. Please help! -Stealth91
  10. does anybody know the speeds needed to host MTA:DM servers?
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