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  1. Alright, it might sound silly but I've got a problem at installing MTA:SA. I have already installed it, but had to uninstall it and reinstall it for personal reasons. However, upon entering my registered username and pressing [NEXT], nothing happens. [NEXT] gets clicked and unclicked. Olawd. Before answering: 1. I bought my GTA copy before Hot Coffee raped newer versions. 2. It says "WRONG SERIAL NUMBER" after I've installed, when I just choose not to have a registered username for the installation. 3. I tried it with several newly registered usernames - still the same shit. Help, please? I've got cookies to give.
  2. I think that should be it. Thanks a lot, guys.
  3. Well, that didn't tell me anything at all (mainly 'cause I have zero experience with Lua), but hopefully the scripter will understand something. Thanks. . . Erm, but more about what I meant... For example, we want to create a list of players so only their nicks are allowed to join the server. Obviously, in order to filter and kick the others, this list will needs to be stored somewhere. I think this 'somewhere' is what we're looking for in this case. Any ideas?
  4. For our server, we need to script in a filter that will be kicking people unless they are on our 'allowed' list. For this, however, our scripter needs to know where does MTA store the player info so he can reach and code in the needed filter. Help, anyone?
  5. I don't know if it really is in the right section, but I just didn't know where else to ask. For littlewhitie's and a couple of other servers, I keep getting constant time-out in connection, and that after rebooting my PC, restarting GTA, flicking on and off my firewall. What could the problem be?
  6. Yep, and still looking for more of you people to join the project to, using MTA's greatest flexibility, make a spectacular and innovative role-playing experience on GTA.
  7. Well, fuck, PROGRESS! Temporary site up and running with my design: . . . Again, hopefully, it will maybe get more people interested in the project of building this server with us.
  8. You must have misunderstood what we were saying. You CAN create your character from scratch and you WILL HAVE TO. You can roam around, build up whatever the devil you want to and whatnot. The bombing and its aftermath is not a gamemode, it's a theme. Believe us, us three have been through various realistic role-play communities which simply put you into the city and let you off like this. Sure, in the beginning it's fun, right, but after a couple of months it just gets too old because you have absolutely no mass goal. The whole infection idea was to give people one direct goal to achieve, but it doesn't restrict you in creating your own role-play and adding up to the main one - that's what we want. Just the thing is, there needs to be at least one defined storyline so other little lines can push themselves off it with more ease to produce more role-play. Think about the server as an apple tree, user-created scenarios as branches and successful role-play as apples: in order to get the apples you will need branches on which they grow on, these branches come out of the main part of the tree. The setting we give is that part. (the water, the sun and other things needed for the tree to grow are good administrators, a good host, a good scripter, but mainly good members! ) PS: God, I just sounded like a total geek here, did I?.. Fuck.
  9. A BIT MORE - ELABORATION Yes, just to add a bit about it, we're looking to make it a project accepted by the community, willing to participate in and such. We're looking for people interested in founding the ground for the server with us. We want to create a unique experience of role-play to the new engine: MTA. The experience of role-play that even SAMP's role-playing servers haven't had yet. While most RP modes consist in letting the player out in the city and setting him/her to freeroam, Appokalypsis is here to do more. Firstly, it will launch the player in a post-appocalyptic setting created with MTA's innovative Map Editor. Unlike other GTA role-playing servers, it will automatically give him/her a goal to work for, a goal keeping the person playing. Each character will have their own goal of survival as their first one, having developed an infection because of the radiation and needing to cure it before their life time ticks away (infection spreads, character dies). The remaining ones will now be struggling to either find a way out of the chaos, eithere find a way to save the continent. Obviously, this doesn't restrict the ability to roam the available ground, acquire goods, meet other people and most importantly: role-play. As the first post said, you can become about everything you want and realistically can; you can be a bandit using the chaotic opportunity to stack up his pockets, you can be a law enforcing militia member, yada yada yada... You choose. With the character panel, inventory system, Game Masters (basically, lead administrators to adjust the events and lead the player in a few moments), Feature Characters, a common goal with unique characters and the beautiful flexebility MTA provides, we will be making something slightly similar to NWN-type of role-play (a few D&D elements and whatnot), mixed with GTA's action and freeroam. I am sincerely hoping for the community support and I expect seeing interested faces joing up our wide project, which sparked up from a single idea. -Moonshine.