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  1. So I have this Roleplay script I started to make from scratch and I have a panel where you press on a 'Team' and when you press select button it sends you to that team, but there is a small problem, if you don't choose a team and just press the button then it just closes the window and your ped is in the same place and not in any team, so I tried to fix it by doing this Client-side function stupidBUG() guiSetVisible(JobsWin, true) showCursor(true) outputChatBox ( "RP: Select a team!", player, 255, 0, 0 ) end addEvent( "blahBlahBlah", true ) addEventHandler( "blahBlahBla
  2. Where? (Sorry for off topic) I don't do free advertisements
  3. Maybe go down with the price, I can get a domain for 1 year with 3 EUR and I choose my own name.
  4. No offence but your server lags bad, not sure if its because of no1servers or your scripts/maps but it does lag. Lags for you (: With a Intel® Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30 GHz 2.30 GHz 2 GB Ram I don't think MTA will lag for me.
  5. We offer good hosting and good prices too. Check it here viewtopic.php?f=116&t=35979
  6. @ Jexkid Mate after I seen your replys I asked myself "Why are you talking about mature and immature" a part of being mature is by avoiding arguments and if I look at you talking about being mature I start laughing, well the most important thing is that your saying if you're not 16 you're not mature, mate I have a friend that's 14 years old and is more mature than most of the people on this community. @ Benxamix2 I agree with you, PayPal says you have to be 18+ but they never check or do anything about it so does http://pornhub.com/ and http://redtube.com/ you have to be 18+ but with a simple
  7. No offence but your server lags bad, not sure if its because of no1servers or your scripts/maps but it does lag.
  8. serverFFS sucks, they always did and they don't even give a shit about your server, all they do is make sure your money is sent to their paypal, I was hosted by them, I was asking for help they was ignoring my tickets so I asked for my money back they ignored it again. Most of the hosting company's this days goes crazy that's why I prefer to host my server with my computer than give money and get more pissed off.
  9. Dannz0r

    Button help

    Well I have 2 GUI Windows that pops-up but I only want 1 to pop-up at one time, so I want my Login+Register window to pop-up with in a black background and after the player pressed the button to login or register I want the second GUI Window to pop-up in a 'CameraMatrix' position that I choose, here is the 'client' and 'server' side of both scripts. Login/Register Client: x,y = guiGetScreenSize() fadeCamera(true, 6, 0, 0, 0) setCameraMatrix(-1475.5, 831.18, 65.5, -1487.5, 800.18, 65.5) LoginWin = guiCreateWindow(x/1.37 - 125,y/3 - 100,280,350,"Login and Register | Panel",false)
  10. Dont get it why everyone is complainings, I have: - AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-53 1.70 GHz - 2 GB RAM And in MTA 1.0.5 I have 25-30 fps, and in 1.1 I have 30-35, for me the lags are better.
  11. Thank you, its working fine. Everything is perfect.
  12. Can you make something like when player pressed select and it put him on a team to spawn him in a position? dont put the position just put the x/z/y thing give me code I do the rest please.
  13. Someone helped me now it shows the teams now I only need help when you select a team and click the button to set him on that team.
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