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  1. Alt + Tab is already been mentioned and anwsered (by Talidan) in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=96&t=21091
  2. Well you shouldnt drive behind a lagger then. You couldve been desynced for that player or he/she had a high ping. Sometimes when a player has 900 ping hes invulnerable and people scream 'CHEATER'.
  3. lol,'vehicle blips' when you look at the radar you see where the vehicles are located like in SA-MP. Understand now ?
  4. ExPloiTeD


    When i aimed left my character lost the head, but if i turned right it didnt.
  5. [1] Fix the sliding on custom objects if possible, no fun in fighting if you keep sliding around. [2] Black screen, something has to be done about it. [3] /PM, its so annoying to type /pm , players should have ID's infront of their name like in SA-MP. [4] /votekick, theres always some people who abuse it. Would be great if it gets removed. [5] Tweak the weapon sync a little more, its good but not that good. [6] Enable car icons on the map. [7] When i run into left or right and try to turn my player gets stuck for a second and then moves on. Thats really bad cause the second you get stuck
  6. I dont agree with any of this, except for the black screen thing. And this is not the suggestion subforum, the right one is here viewforum.php?f=96
  7. I got the anwsers to my questions allready, yes the stats are updating, if you play on a official server.
  8. porco dio, i didnt play on a official server and still my stats were updated so thats not the problem. And why are the official servers down ?
  9. My stats arent updating since i dont see the official servers, anyone else has same problem ?
  10. We would like to welcome our newest member: Murderdoll
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