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  1. Over the last few days the ASE server list has been taking longer and longer to load. If this is in response to pusing everyone towards DM, I can understand that but I'd prefer a fully released DM rather than just betas before disabling the ASE sever list for MTASA Race. The race mod in DM beta is still very choppy.
  2. I did it this way... http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?f= ... edded5a823
  3. Unfortuantely the files used by SA and DM are exactly the same names and both mods are hard coded to point to exactly the same location.
  4. grrr @ having to enter my userid and pass again to post a topic. Anyway...... Race and DM both use an MTA folder which is placed in your single game folder, normally c:\program files\Rockstar Games\San Andreas. In addition, both use the same files within that MTA folder, the only differences are that four of the files have been modifed for the newer interface Last is a registry value that both use which sets the path to your MTA SA or MTA DM mod. So basically both are competing for the same filenames and at least one registry value. The above procedure lets you place the copies of requir
  5. If I load more than 262 Resources, the resource frame in the web view for the Resource Browser stays white and does not display the available resources. Using Firefox.
  6. For the time being this will work: There is only a difference of four files between MTA:SA and MTA:DM so use the following steps to run both. 1. Create a folder in your Program Files directory called Multi Theft Auto 2. Install MTA:SA into c:\program files\Multi Theft Auto\MTASA 3. Navigate to your Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Single Game directory 4. Navigate into the MTA folder located in the folder in step 3 5. Create a folder called "SA Files" and a folder called "DM Files" 6. Copy the following files into "SA Files" core.dll game_sa.dll multiplayer_sa.dll net.dll 7. Install M
  7. I'm not sure what is going into the final product, but I'd like to offer up a few suggestions and mention a few problems to help with migrating players from MTA:SA to MTA:DM. Admin Panel and Access Rights: The admin panel seems like a "give all" or give nothing system and also does not take into consideration Admin levels as did previous systems like the GUS system for MTA:SA. This kind of limits the number of individuals who normally could can be given a certain amount of power to keep the peace on the server and to administrate game play. Most MTA:SA servers have a break down of VIPS and
  8. Thanks. That's what it needed. Kind of odd though, because I don't see any ACL's in there for the other modes. But thanks again Whiskey.
  9. Yeah I just noticed that in the panel. Now if I can just get the races to work. hehe.
  10. Well if there is a built in converter it's not working for me. Even the races that came stock with Developer Previews don't seem to work. I saw one server that had a few races on it so I'd like to know what they did to get the races to work? Also don''t forget that there were Cops and Robbers maps that didn;t have checkpoints so I'm not sure if that's gonna be an issue.
  11. I noticed that the admin group I guess ties to admin resource folder. I think the panel is very nice but you should be able to customize the accessibility to it. For example if someone can only freeze and mute, they can access the panel, but the functions other than freeze and mute are greyed out or just not accessible. Or have a separate panel for ppl who only need lower access rights.
  12. Ok I read about the XML files and got that part solved. Might be a good idea to update the server manual on the setup page to say that you need to modify the files with the server not running. Although that does create a problem for busy servers that need to add admins on the fly.
  13. from what I saw the maps weren't unzipped from the Resources folder. I did it manually and the Race mode still didn't work.
  14. Yes the kick function does not work. I'll search for anything on the xml files. What I'm not sure about is if changes to these files should stick after the server is restarted or refreshed.
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