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  1. Error CL01 - fix file issues

    Hello guys, I am wondering if you can help me with this issue please, I am running windows 10 with mta 1.5 When I launch it I get this: then windows asks to grant permissions, if I click No I get this: Here, https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Error_Codes I can read that Error Code CL01 Associated strings MTA:SA could not complete the following task:\n\n '%s'\n Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas File:LineNumber Client\loader\CInstallManager.cpp:350 How can I solve this? If I click on Yes when windows asks to grant permissions, mta launches; but I rather have a permanent fix please, i am sure there is something wrong otherwise i would not get those windows I am showing you.
  2. MTA resolution problem

    hi, I usually set my mta resolution to 1024x768, but often when i open mta my resolution is different so i have to change it and restart mta, any ideas? Regards
  3. stucked deagle

    i tried but so far i had no luck, i hoped someone here had the same problem but unfortunatly not
  4. stucked deagle

    Hi again, i have new infos...i have played on different servers with c bug active and i have no problems, even where there are custom skins, no problems. The problem, i think, is related to the anti skin bug, which is active on the xhowx server....i cant solve this
  5. stucked deagle

    Hi, When i join a server with c-bug enabled (such as XhowX or Xh9X) when i shoot my deagle gets stucked and continues to shoot without pressing any keys, i tried to delete the gta_sa.set and MTA but it didnt work...any ideas? I never had this problem with MTA 1.0.4 (i havent played for a while). Thanks I redid the topic adding more infos
  6. [ITA]=We love mta=

    Hi all, we are an italian clan. We are looking for new members, we are able to speak english. If u like to play mta sa and u love dm, contact us on http://welovemta.forumfree.it/. We have a server and we play every day. Our favourite gm is basemode in which we train and we'd like to cws in the future. Regards
  7. memory auto speed

    Hi does everyone know if there is a way to decrease the lag in mta? i have found this tab in the admin resource by lil_today: performance priority memory auto (defaul) speed....and next to these there is a "refresh delay MS" (default: 50) i ve found nothing on the forum...btw any ideas ppl? Regards
  8. default resource with a specific map

    i ve tried but it didnt work
  9. Hi, Do u have any advices for me? ive been searching on this forum, so far i cant find any answers Bye
  10. default resource with a specific map

    hi ive searched but i wasnt able to find something <!-- play is the default freeroam gamemode. Remove the following line to prevent it from starting. --> <resource src="race" startup="1" protected="0"/> i want my server to start always the map race-rcwarz, how can i do it? thanks 4 ur help
  11. Hi, the title says it all, ive forwaded the ports: 22003 UPD 22005 TPC 22126 UPD but my friends cant see my server in the list (internet) if they put my ip they can join my server any ideas? regards
  12. [REL][GM] BaseMode 1.0 beta #1-#3.

    links dead