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  1. Fresh windows server install, and a fresh client install, but I am getting the error in the title: Disconnected: Bad version (client: 4235, server: 164) This pops up in a messagebox when I try to connect to the server.
  2. piras

    Race addon / mod

    Ive got a test version working \o/ it wasnt as hard as I thought it would be. Its still quite rough though, and I dont think the ranking board (bit on the left that shows when a player finishes) works properly - its hard to test that with just one player. But the main idea of restarting when you finish works, and theres a reset button (backspace). Pressing Enter is just the same as in race, but the maps have respawntime=0 so you dont have to waste your life away watching respawn counters You can test it on mta.h3s.net Ill keep updating it so the server might not be working all the time. btw
  3. piras

    Race addon / mod

    Hi varez, yeh restart button is something I want to put in aswell. Ive already made some speed modifiers, like pickups but you just drive through them and they speed you up or slow you down or jump the car, so those will be going in as well I could do with some models for them if anyone wants a grapics project, hmm? I was thinking a propellor , a magnet, and a spring would be cool. Ive read over the race code a bit but I dont really understand it yet, might take me a while but it will be sweeet when its done.
  4. I want to make a race mode like trackmania time attack mode. So when a player finishes a race, they start again and keep playing the same track -hopefully bettering their time- until the maps time runs out. If the maps time was 6 minutes, and you can finish the track in 1 minute, you get 6 goes to get your best time. I wonder if anyone knows already, if I could do this by writing another mode file to go in /race/modes/ or if I will have to modify the race code itself ?
  5. Right, there is no is what I was thinking of.
  6. I dont know if this will work or not (Ive never tried it), but maybe you could handle this event and save your stuff: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnResourceStop
  7. in meta.xml have you got a line like: You can put two lines in: so both sides can use the file. But dont forget if you update the file on the server side (or client side), the client (or server) will only have the original version. You can use some triggerClientEvent / triggerServerEvent to keep them in sync.
  8. Is cars.xml the same as it was, like this? ... After this: local root = xmlLoadFile ("cars.xml") Put this: outputDebugString("cars xml test: " .. tostring(root)) I see cars.xml is being opened by the client side script, is the file in the right place. I had a "problem" myself I was writing an xml file, and looking for it server side but I was writing it from the client side so I was looking in the wrong place for it, thinking it wasnt working ......
  9. I think I know whats happening. When you call the editors exported import() it clones the object your resource made ( hence clone message ) and when your resource addon deletes objects with destroyElement() it deletes its own ones ( hence no false return from destroyElement() ) ...but the object that was imported into the editor is still there. Im not sure what the triggerClientEvent is though, I hope its trying to send a pointer to the editors copy of the object ........ ?
  10. Kayl that is doing the job, makes it much easier to make maps now, thanks for the link. Acouple of things have emerged: 1) INFO: Cloned 'object'. When my resource creates a new object, is that normal ? 2) A warning in the debug window WARNING: Bad argument @ 'triggerClientEvent' each time my resource creates an object. 3) Cant seem to delete the objects with destroyElement() Im creating and destroying the objects from the serverside, triggered by pressing a button in a window in the client gui.
  11. should work: local carName = "car" .. xmlNodeGetAttribute(v, "num") local car = createVehicle(carmodel, carX, carY, carZ, 0.0, 0.0, carA) setElementID(car, carName) When you want to join strings together in Lua you use .. not + You also had set carName to the string, and then overwrote it with the return from createVehicle() thats the reason it wasnt working.
  12. Try this: xmlNodeGetAttribute(v, "model") ... I mean use v insstead of carRoot :>
  13. Hello Im making a tool that adds objects with createObject. It only works in freeroam mode though, I want to change it so it will work in the map editor. Will I have to use createElement instead and use a special type of element the map editor uses when it creates an object ? Im not sure how to get the objects to show up in the editor.
  14. That is weird, is your server running on linux DarkDragon? My server is 1.0.3 on windows. Maybe it depends on wether the server is linux / windows for this to happen...
  15. Hi nextreme you are right that was the problem. I figured it out yesterday and updated all my maps. It looks like the editor in 1.0.3 didnt put respawn="0" in the maps (?) but the 1.0.4 map editor does. There seems to be another problem with the size of checkpoints, they come out twice as big on a 1.0.3 server, for maps made in the 1.0.4 editor, so you have to set the size half what you want. I'll update my server to 1.0.4 ASAP.
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