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  1. Thanks for the info did not know U2XMP was a fan made mod at first... Also most of those games you metioned that would be good with Multiplayer I thought the same also May Payne and its all its mods...
  2. Hmm are there any games that have been made multiplayer like GTA!?
  3. Gun-Nut

    Half-Life 2

    Hey all this is a great game as well is Counter-Strike:Source so i started up a site that will cover mods for both games and much more Afterlife Hope you visit the site
  4. ok i've got past this and i've got to the second island on the G guy first one but i dunno what to do i have nothink to kill him with any help
  5. mite think of that if i can't do it but i'll keep trying beacuse i don't like missing something out most people i know who got it cheat as it is
  6. i know that but i can't complete the dance bit there a certain trick to it?
  7. Hey i've been playing for awhile and at the moment i have CV and OG on my map i can't do the OG one life is a beach got any tips? and anyone know where all the lowriders are
  8. hmmm where is the dodo in sp and is it in MTA?
  9. lol well i really only want to know VC
  10. Hey anyone give some tips on stunting beacuse i suk
  11. O_o i never seen them once in gta3 and only just seen them in VC
  12. phew glad its not true MTA:Blue is gonna be much better then what we have now and its still getting updates NICE!!!
  13. yeah same here i hope the team carrys on there good work
  14. did not know that but thats long time away
  15. i do play gta alot just never notice them
  16. lol did not know there where rainbows in any gta game
  17. Hey just thought i'll post a pic of the rainbow i seen in VC first time i've seen one
  18. Hey i'm gonna be hosting on my T1 if you look on ASE there you will find Gun-Nut's T1 Server i will gladley run scripts if i'm not running them by request can post them here or just email me gunnut14@gmail.com
  19. Can't you guys give the MTA Team a break they made MTA as it is be greatful and they have already started MTA:Blue they said they can't do peds over beacuse whould take too much bandwitdh to sync them all and plus i whould like MTA:Blue to come out some time this year
  20. ok thx beacuse i did not see that
  21. Ok i was just wondering since your gonna have the in-game joing and that will SP VC still work with MTA installed?
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