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  1. Sanzor i understand your anger, but making yourself look like a 3 year old in that post wont help you much.
  2. Hi All i wanted to add a url to http://www.thefunserver.net on the bottom of the players screen when they join the server, but i dont know how, would anyone be able to help me on this? Thanks
  3. Kick lags the server for about 5 seconds when someone gets kicked. Bans totally crashes the server.
  4. you can run the "fr" script along with a gamemode or something
  5. Were do i put it Franesco? Thanks
  6. were do i put that code? sorry im not very good with lua
  7. So basicly anyone can do this on any server if it hasnt been removed? or only on certain game modes?
  8. Use this [url=http://www.x-games.co.uk/MTA/resources/]http://www.x-games.co.uk/MTA/resources/[/url]
  9. Yes i had this once, i just restarted MTA and it worked.
  10. yea i personally think there is a lack of affordable server hosting, so i agree you should host servers
  11. Im not sure if this will work, but go and reinstall the MTA:DM and instead of clicking "Ive already got an account" and click next, and enter a new account then enter it when youve registered that new account.
  12. All you can do is feel sorry for the guy
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