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  1. Its working!! Hooah man you are the best.. and thanks to all players in this thread... SolidSnake14? Can i make that we can see the Levels of the players on the scoreboard?!
  2. and i have to start both resources or what? and the test-resource should be only a folder or an rar / zip data?!
  3. Yes. The Created resource folder must have the same name (exp_system), or?
  4. I tried this one created resource now. Nothing happens... -.-
  5. Ok, the resource is created with these two files. And now, iam finished? Only this one resource with these two files are needed or something else?
  6. Ok, i will try it out in the next half hour... thank you first man.. thank you^^
  7. Killing players, leveling up... for fun, thats right. Its for my play server.
  8. Please tell me what should i do ? Should i paste something in my server files?
  9. I dont understand anything here. Iam a noob in scripting.. i only take the scripts for my server.. i thought this script give me a simply exp system... what should i do exactly? i dont understand the description of the resource...
  10. What are you mean? "With another resource"? Can you explain and give me a short easy tutorial?!
  11. now i tried on deathmatch mode... no luck for me!... what should i do?
  12. when i tipp start exp_system then it succesfully started! in the console then comes only this-> creating new DB table level_system no errors -.- can you come on my server and check this?
  13. Yes, no fails and errors.. i dont understand... what should i do ?
  14. Nothing happens... i mean no errors or something like that... and i restartet the script sometimes... should i edit my server files for the script? i only downloaded and activated the script!
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