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  1. Did you just read this, and you understand it? because thats pretty creepy.
  2. Is this script totally meaningless?
  3. I want to join the scripting team, even though i don't understand alot of scripting, YET!
  4. thats why i want a tutorial and btw, how many errors are there?
  5. Are there tutorials for totally beginners that just started scripting? look at this crappy 25+ errors script i made, i dont even know what im doing myself i probably only understanded 2% of the introduction of scripting -- crappy 25 error+ rpg script players = getElementsByType ( "player" ) root = getRootElement () function spawnPlayer (thePlayer) local playerSpawnPoint = WHAT SHOULD I PUT HERE fadeCamera ( source, true ) givePlayerMoney ( player thePlayer, 10000 amount ) end function onPlayerKill (thePlayer) playersname= getClientName(source) outputChatBox("z
  6. i might just make a mod of cum shooting dildo guns...
  7. The weapons are going to be highly synced i think, so if you use aimbot you get a really big advantage (unless everyone uses it, witch will make everyone go and play SA-MP)
  8. 1. Can you make it possible to drive by dildoes? cuz that would be really cool!and when you get hit you get AIDS, you die slowly and painfully(i mean, throwing dildoes at people inside a car or at least inplement it in volentine's day ) 2. This one is actually not so weird, this one is for RP servers, sync the traffic lights so in RP police can catch civilians that don't stop on red light
  9. I dont have CoD you mean, in cod you upload?
  10. ive play cs, half life, half life 2, half life 2 episode 1, garry's mod 10, dod:s but not call of duty but ive still never uploaded anything to the server in any of these games
  11. does that mean you have to upload your moded skin when you enter a server and download the other people's skin when you enter a server? wouldnt that lag the server and if someone has hell lot of skin theyll nvr be able to get into the server and others have to download hell lots of skin? i mean every skin is like 3 mb now! damn
  12. i think theoriticly 1. is a no but im not sure, i mean how could u see others car skin? if that happens what happens to the original skin that it took over? WOOHOO! THANK GOD PEOPLE CANT USE AIMBOT! THANK GOD! but what happens to people that uses USB Controller?
  13. 1. Will it be possible to see other's moded car skins 2. Will you be able to change your single-player setting( such as frame limiter, view distance and those kind of things) at all in this 3. Will you be able to use the game's biult-in Aimbot in MTA:DM
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