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  1. >>>> [LoS] - Legacy of Santos recruitment topic <<<< Is official stopped.
  2. DoubleMTA

    Mouse movement.

    Really annoying. Many others have the same. Sometimes you have to restart MTA:SA DM because you're mouse wont change its camera position, you can only use right click, left, click, and the middle scrolling button, but when you're moving youre mouse the camera isn't moving. Can this be fixed?
  3. Can someone please post the URL to it?
  4. Where can I find this script? I need it for my GTA Multiplayerz server.
  5. I have spoken Slothman about the DM map editor. He said its release is very near, so keep waiting. Its almost there.
  6. Hello MTA:QA. I have something to ask. Do you guys have any kind of email? Like Yahoo, MSN, Aim, Xfire, Hotmail, Or Domain Email? If so, can you please PM me it, because I have an question to ask that I dont want others to know about. But I want youre email to ask the question. Thanks for reading. DoubleMTA.
  7. Yes, I also registered as DoubleMTA at the mtabeta site.
  8. I have a Windows Vista computer. When I try to join a server. Ill get kicked from it automaticly for having an invalid serial, yes.. I followed the wiki saying I have to run it as an administrator, and so I did, but still I get kicked for having an invalid serial, could someone help me?
  10. From XFire: Let me translate this for you: Teake: know what Teake: get cancer Teake: and screw off. Some guy said this to me when i was just playing GTA:SA Single Player. I was like what the heck?
  11. THE UN-OFFICIAL WISH EVERYONE A GOOD 2008 THREAD! Hello everyone. In this un-official thread not made by the MTA team, you may wish people a good and great 2008! Now thats it almost the year 2008, we hope for a good year with less the criminality and unluckiness. Now you're here, wish everyone a good 2008! So: HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE, HAVE A GREAT TIME!
  12. DoubleMTA Killed TIMMEH! (South park episodes)
  13. Ive shown this suggestion to developer Oli. He said it is scriptable, so this means my suggestion can work.
  14. Have you checked youre MTA SA Race or GTA San Andreas Folder?
  15. Ohhh. You mean the arrows? Nope sorry, I dont have a clue. I've never studied that arrow ID in my head.
  16. If you mean the Fence. Its 969. And dude, what the hell is wrong with youre graphics card?
  17. 1. Yes. 2. I dont know, it isnt possible in MTA: SA Race. 3. Uhhh no, and dont use it too, it makes you nooby.
  18. You should seriously convert this into SA-MP! This looks awsome!
  19. 2 suggestions for the next release from MTA:SA For MTA:SA DM. 1. When you use the mapeditor, and go to > Create spawnposition, you will have a feature added called Set > Draw Skin. If you click that the player will be all white. Just click > Add. A blank skin will now be added, after that, create cars whatever you want, when youre done, go to youre server, and wait for people to join. 2. When people join youre server and choose the blank character model. People will get a small box in the screen showing little boxes with colors, and a drawing and remove button. This means you are able to draw you're own character! Everyone can do it that chooses the blank skin model. After you have drawn youre character, click > Continue and play as you're own character! Hope this idea works, ill be posting more. Cheers.
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