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  1. well if u need to have 1.0 version to play correctly this is a shame as you cant have the blood patch ect ... worst i dont have any nocd patch for 1.0 so what do i do ? THe aiming system is not accurate at all you have to shoot "around" the body to hit Please fix this its very annoying.
  2. im sorry but I tried what u said on a local server this dont fix anything I keep appearing as a cops although I took robber occupation I use a no cd blood patch I'll check without if i can update i've tried to change occupation and stuff I still appear as a cop And the other player keep appearing as what he first choose in this case robber. To me it seems that the game is linking the player ID with the skin no matter what u do hope this will help fixing this problem
  3. can we get a windows admin panel also ? cause atm the moment it still the old version which is not very compatible with the 0.2 server
  4. Well I^posted on the server upload bandwidth problem still no real answer for the moment , but I think we are all far from what you stated just before the release of 0.2. With 3/4 players I'm uploading at 10/15 kbytes/s to me it was the same requirement for 0.1 so i'm a bit confused on the improvement you made.
  5. here is the solution for me you have certainly downloaded the 0.2 client as a zip archive it is bugged !!! that's whyt kept getting this stupid crc error all the time download the client as exe file and it will be fine SO for the mta team please remove all the mirror for the zip file as it creates problems
  6. Hi all , I'm just posting to give you a feedback after hosting for like 4h hour wth my dsl 512/128 kb connection. IT's clear that there is a problem I dont see any bandwidth improvement worse I think its worse than 0.1 now I can hardly host 3 players without lag ( the ping get weird -32000 ect .... and everyone is laggy to death ) Also the skin are not visible correctly within a occupation even after restarting the game and stuff really annoying Sometimes you drop somone's healthbar very low and a second after it is full health again ... Am I the only one with these problems ? I kno
  7. I just reinstalled the game its a proper install !
  8. Well i use a multilanguage version sure but i did copy the french.gxt file ect ... still dont work i even set up the game in english
  9. it say some ofr ur files have been modified crc check failed great but i havent changed anything i just resinstall the game and still say the same crc check failed how can i get it to launch gtavc.exe what are the files checked ? help me i cant play at all
  10. I tried all u said but i keep getting the crc check error grrrrrrrrr i really dont get what's wrong
  11. i got same trouble i even reinstalled the game and it still say crc check error i tried ot remove mta.ini it dont change anything what can i do ?
  12. Since lag definition is: a time delay between 2 events, 2 states or 2 actions I dont see how u can be lag free with 900 ms you'll always have a 0.9 sec delay between ur keystroke and the effect in the game, it looks very similar to the definition above dont u think ? But I understand what is your point u tried to say that u were "lag variation" free with 900 ms which is possible.
  13. work perfect for me i even host also so u should have done something wrong
  14. well this is funny to read that some people can be lag free with a ping of 900 ms , it is strange cause i never notice this kind of fact in most game like counter strike, or even warcraft 3 (although war3 is fairly good for 56k user but they lag at the beginning quite often) no player can play with a ping that high there will be obviously lag with such a high ping. And ping and lag are quite linked , i dont think u can play smooth if u need 200 ms to send a ping request ,so in a game it will be even worse. Anyway i dont think we should ban the 56 k user that is for sure, the best thing woul
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