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  1. I edited this, i made it so you dont have to have an .ini , btw $$1,%a) isnt a command, but $mta.nick($1,$2)/$mta.nick($1,%a) Is! Here: elseif (!admin* iswm $3) { var %a = 0,%b,%c while (%a <= $mta.maxplayers($1)) { if ($mta.level($1,%a) >= 6) %b = $iif(%b,%b $+ $chr(44) $mta.nick($1,$2),$$1,$2)) $+ (Level: $mta.level($1,$2) $+ ) elseif ($mta.level($1,%a) >= 2) %c = $iif(%c,%c $+ $chr(44) $mta.nick($1,$2),$mta.nick($1,$2)) $+ (Level: $mta.level($1,%a) $+ ) !inc %a } mta.text $1 $iif(%b,Admins: %b,There Are no Admins Currently Online.) } } Add the script above to a list of commands at the bottom of : on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { This script below you can add to the TOP of: on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if (!admin* iswm $3) { var %a = 0,%b,%c while (%a <= $mta.maxplayers($1)) { if ($mta.level($1,%a) >= 6) %b = $iif(%b,%b $+ $chr(44) $mta.nick($1,$2),$$1,$2)) $+ (Level: $mta.level($1,$2) $+ ) elseif ($mta.level($1,%a) >= 2) %c = $iif(%c,%c $+ $chr(44) $mta.nick($1,$2),$mta.nick($1,$2)) $+ (Level: $mta.level($1,%a) $+ ) !inc %a } mta.text $1 $iif(%b,Admins: %b,There Are no Admins Currently Online.) } Hope this bug free thing helps ^^ Greetz, Kika592 ////////// -XIII-4Cazp.UK
  2. Kika592

    !addcash command

    Hi. Kika592 here. I need a !addcash Script. e.g:. !addcash But i want the cash to just be added. I dont want it to be removed from my acount for example, and then added to theres. i want the cash to come from nowhere. But only lvl 5's can do it. Maybe scooby can make this for me... Well, hope you can make what i want Thanks...
  3. Just ignor it. this is no error or bug
  4. Kika592

    [LVS] Clan

    Welcome to LVS Clan ¬.¬ Yay lets part ¬.¬ hahaha, what can i say? its a clan, we accept non-clan admins, im building a site, we love mta and thats about it Wanna join? Well you can, Just type whatever to join: e.g can i join? ok? is that clear?
  5. Kika592

    "The Boss" Script

    That is more like SAMP You can have team members and earn your way to be the boss of the city (thats already in samp, so no point remaking somehting that is already done ¬.¬) sry if u didnt know but that idea is like 5 years old
  6. Uninstall mta by going to > Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, then find Multi theft auto and Click Remove. Then Reinstall Multi Thrft Auto. Make sure you install EVERYTHING. Next go to MTA open it up and it will work hope this helps
  7. Do what ring_of_fire said if that dont work, then its to do with your connection to the internet. hope this helps
  8. My GTA Crashes when i start a new game or try to load a game. Error: Gta_sa.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close My MTA Crashes when i try to connect to a server. Error: Couldnt find Core dump file! MTA version: MTA v1.1.1 (or whatever it is ) GTA: GTA:SA I tried to reinstall mta, but it doesnt work. Here are the names of files and folders i have got in the directory: Files: gta_sa.exe , xgta_sa.exe , CEGUI.dll , ogg.dll , vorbis.dll , core.dll , eax.dll , dxutgui.png , vorbisFile.dll , d3d9.dll(window mode) Folders: MTA , data , ReadMe , anim , audio , models , text , movies Is there any missing files? (exept the ones in the other folders) Thanks for your help (if you can help ) THX FOR ALL!