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  1. CIT can choose who they want to ban or not. MTA has nothing to do with it.
  2. Tested it with one player. Then I tested it with another player. Both times it worked! Thanks for the help!
  3. Jesseunit, your missing the whole point of why I am asking for help. Your code will open and close the gates just fine. But I'm trying to make the gates so, that they do not close if someone in the "SWAT Team" is inside the colsphere.
  4. Does not work. I tried using "getElementsWithinColSphere" in different ways, but still did not work. Gates do not close at all. However if these 2 lines are removed, they do close. But this does not really help considering I need the gates to close only if someone of the same team is not in the colsphere. for index, player in pairs(getElementsWithinColShape(SWATColSphere1, "player")) do if index <= 0 then
  5. I know how to make gates work fine by just opening and closing. But what I am trying to do here is make so, that if someone of the same team in in the colsphere it does not close. It opens fine. It is just the closing part I cannot make work fully. It will close fine. But if someone of the same team is in the colsphere it still closes. local SWATgate1 = createObject(3115, 1286, -1651.69, 10, 180, 90) local SWATColSphere1 = createColSphere(1286.67, -1652.15, 13.54, 10) function SWATopen1 (player) if (player and isElement(player) and getElementType(player) == "player") then l
  6. ok thanks and I was using /debugscript 3 in game and no-bugs were appearing for me
  7. Ok I am trying to make a marker that when you touch it. It sets your team and skin. I did it first with just the skin and it worked fine but when I added the team part it stopped working. Client (no Server) local fireLV = createMarker ( 1746.64, 2081.58, 9.82, 'cylinder', 2, 29, 225, 52, 243 ) function MarkerHit1 ( hitPlayer ) if (getPlayerSkin(hitPlayer) == 278 ) then if (getPlayerTeam(hitPlayer) == LVFP ) then outputChatBox("You are Already In The Las Venturas Fire Department", hitPlayer) else setPlayerSkin(hitPlayer, 278) setPlayerTeam(hitPlayer, LVFP)
  8. Everything fromt the client is there only thing i removed is the text in the message ( "..........." ) im confused as well now.. Also would onPlayerLogin instead of onPlayerJoin help?
  9. I am trying to make a panel that appears when a player connects to a server. But when someone connects it is not appearing.. Code: Client local resX, resY = guiGetScreenSize() function createGUI(thePlayer) cWindow = guiCreateWindow((resX/2)-315,(resY/2)-100,629,200,"Welcome Panel By Hunter567T",false) message = guiCreateButton(0,0.1,2, 0.9,"............",true,cWindow) close = guiCreateButton(0.4,0.825,0.213,0.1,"Close",true,cWindow) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", close, closeCgui, false) guiSetVisible (cWindow, false) end addEventHandler("onCl
  10. Is there anyway to get the marker hit position to move with the marker? The marker moves when i drive but the marker hit position doesn't move.
  11. Ok here is the code. I want to make the marker attached to the andromada. But when i attach the marker only the marker moves and the markerhit place doesnt move. local andromada = createVehicle ( 592, 1073.08, 3979.52, 2.59, 0, 0, 180 ) local goThere = createMarker( 1073.09, 3994.62, 1.60, 'arrow', 1, 0, 0, 255, 150 ) local comeBack = createMarker( 315.74, 1036.47, 1942.36, 'cylinder', 6, 0, 0, 255, 150 ) -- The markers and the Andromada -- Attachment of the Marker to the Andromada attachElements ( goThere, andromada, 0, -20, 0 ) function MarkerHit( hitPlayer, matchingDimension ) setEle
  12. I have made a script that creates a andromada and a marker. Then it attaches them together they move but the place where the marker warps you to the other spot doesn't move. Any help please?
  13. I have made a bunch of attached elements using attachElements. How can i get them to move by a command forward, backwards, and turn and also move all at once together?
  14. ah ok was messing around with them before to try and fix them. I guess I'll try a bit more. Thanks all
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