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  1. It's a example built-in function. Like getPlayerName etc.. No didn't solve it. EDIT: Fixed.
  2. Nope, doesn't change a thing. Like I expected. I used previous addCommandHandlers and functions (very basic ones) but with the same variables and it worked perfectly.
  3. Thank you very much It works perfectly, where is the tutorial that explains the part I missed apparently? In theory this loop should work but it doesn't. How come? I defined variable2 and thePlayer btw. function testFunction() local variable = getVar(thePlayer) outputChatBox("Debug message",thePlayer) if (variable == 0 ) then if (variable2 == false) then outputChatBox("Debug message",thePlayer) takeAction() testFunction2() end end end function testFunction2() local variable = getVar(thePlayer) if (v
  4. Should I use AddEvent/AddEventHandler here? Or are there other options. Like in GTA SA scripting you could just type JUMP @label. then I could use JUMP @otherFunction. It's not like that but that's why I came here, to ask. function testFunction testvariable = getTestData(aDude) if (testvariable == true) then -- go to otherFunction end end function otherFunction -- blablabla end bindKey(fire,both,testFunction) Already thanks. iPot PS: Nice tabbing for a newb huh?
  5. Sorry for the offtopic but are you Puma from gtaforum.nl?
  6. iPot


    I was doubting if it existed (http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Req ... and_Events). Secondly, that's exactly what I want seb. Like this would output a number from 0 - 12 test = getRadioChannel(thePlayer) outputChatBox(test) I will definitely do that So is there a way around this without changing the channel to 0?
  7. iPot


    Does this function even work? local radio = getRadioChannel(thePlayer) setRadioVolume(radio,0) iPot
  8. It's been 2-3 years since I've been here and I'm picking MTA back up now. I'm wondering if there still doesn't exist a tool such as a MTA:SA --> MTA:DM map converter. Can't seem to find it in the list, only other conversion tools.
  9. I got my dff, txd and col ready for use. Made a meta with a reference to them. But now I have to know how to spawn/create the objects ingame. Everyone who's going to help me, thank you I made this script, but nothing happens but no errors are given too.. function mapLoad ( name ) txd_weedisland = engineLoadTXD("weedisland.txd") engineImportTXD(txd_weedisland,3374) col_weedisland = engineLoadCOL("weedisland") dff_weedisland = engineLoadDFF("weedisland", 0 ) engineReplaceCOL(col_weedisland,3374) engineReplaceModel(dff_weedisland,3374) createObject ( 3374,
  10. iPot

    Bad argument

    Hey all, I got this error bad argument in line 3. Can anyone help me? Just started today with LUA function GiveMoney( thePlayer, reward, receiver ) if ( receiver ) and ( receiver ~= thePlayer ) then givePlayerMoney ( receiver, 10000 ) else outputChatBox("Syntax error: /reward <receiver>", thePlayer, 255, 0, 34, false ) end end addCommandHandler( "reward", GiveMoney )
  11. iPot

    Wrong script

    Well thank you I guess i deleted some wrong stuff Tom
  12. iPot

    Wrong script

    Here are all my code's now : Meta for gamemode: <meta> <info author="Underworld" name="Bla" version="1" type="gamemode"/> <config src="help.xml" type="client" /> <script src="spawn.lua" /> </meta> Spawn script: function startMap(startedMap) local mapRoot = getResourceRootElement(startedMap) local players = getElementsByType("player") fadeCamera ( thePlayer, false, 1.0, 0, 0, 0 ) for key, player in pairs(players) do local spawn = spawns[math.random(1, #spawns)] local posX = getElementData(spawn, "posX") local posY = getEl
  13. iPot

    Wrong script

    Now I feel like an idiot [20:52:03] ERROR: .../server/mods/deathmatch/resources/Headcrab/spawn.lua:7: empt to get length of global 'spawns' (a nil value)
  14. iPot

    Wrong script

    There's another 1 [20:24:07] SCRIPT ERROR: ...Program Files/MTA DM/server/mods/deathmatch/resource s/Headcrab/spawn.lua:8: ']' expected near 'local' [20:24:07] INFO: Loading script failed: ...Program Files/MTA DM/server/mods/deat hmatch/resources/Headcrab/spawn.lua:8: ']' expected near 'local' I used the exact code as you said. Tom
  15. iPot

    Wrong script

    I got this code here wich gives an error where I can't find the solution for. Anyone that can help is thankful. Here's the error btw: [19:26:43] SCRIPT ERROR: ...Program Files/MTA DM/server/mods/deathmatc s/Headcrab/spawn.lua:13: unexpected symbol near ')' [19:26:43] INFO: Loading script failed: ...Program Files/MTA DM/server hmatch/resources/Headcrab/spawn.lua:13: unexpected symbol near ')' And here's the code: function startMap(startedMap) local mapRoot = getResourceRootElement(startedMap) local players = getElementsByType("player") fadeCamera ( thePlayer, false, 1.0, 0, 0
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