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  1. xF_Micka

    Race times

    I will not reinstall a server juste for a function... Please think.
  2. xF_Micka

    Race times

    Oh so then I cant help you because I'm not a scripter. I'm a mapper. You can learn Scrpting from here http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Scr ... troduction If I'm posting a topic here, it's not to be redirected on wiki. So, I'm not more helped.
  3. xF_Micka

    Race times

    Deathlist and killmessages are two different things...
  4. And this does not solves my problem...
  5. http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=6925 I'm here to get help and not to say I'm a thief... Thanks b
  6. I have stolen that script ? LOL, he can be download on ressources mta website. You want the url may be ? I don't like to be accused of stolen --"
  7. Sorry but I'm not very experimented in script. So I try to learn too. What is the "server side" ? The part of the code is from a file "info_map" who display elementary informations about the map (name, author, moden, etc.) when she is launched Here are the full script :
  8. So, what I have to do ? Delete this part of code ?
  9. Sorry, check again the error, I just have changed onRequestMapName by "GetMapName" thinking it could resolve the problem, but it's not that.
  10. Hello. I have a problem on my server, without aftermath but an error always appears in my server logs. When a player joins, he gets this error on chat : say: Invalid text length In server logs : In my race gamemode : addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", g_ResRoot, function() yo = dxGetFontHeight(c_FontScale, c_Font) triggerServerEvent("onRequestMapName", g_ResRoot) end ) So what's problem with this function "triggerServerEvent" and "OnRequestMapName" ? Thanks.
  11. xF_Micka

    Race times

    I still have a question, this display of nickname when they died, it wear a name ? A function ?
  12. He ask where he can download the resource , no to make one ? Hmm right ^^ Why create again than which already exist. And I'm not very scripter!
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