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  1. Thx يعطيك الف عافيه يالغالي سوري يالغالي تراك مشبه بس ترى الهلال هو الي فاز
  2. Thx man I knew What the problem from varez RE and Thank you So Much مرورك تاج عل الراس ونشاء الله مايكون بـيـنـى زعل بالنهايه حنى خوان وما راح يفرق بينى العاب ولا منتدى اخووكــ: باسل
  3. client shopWindow = guiCreateWindow(367,105,334,435,"Shop",false) guiSetVisible (shopWindow, false) guiSetAlpha(shopWindow,1) guiWindowSetSizable(shopWindow,false) tabPanel = guiCreateTabPanel(11,23,314,372,false,shopWindow) guiGridListSetSelectionMode(carGrid,0) costColumn = guiGridListAddColumn(carGrid,"$",0.3) tab2 = guiCreateTab("ÃWeapon",tabPanel) weapGrid = guiCreateGridList(4,6,305,291,false,tab2) guiGridListSetSelectionMode(weapGrid,0) weapColumn = guiGridListAddColumn(weapGrid,"Weapon",0.5) costColumn = guiGridListAddColumn(weapGrid,"$",0.3) weapButton = guiCreateButt
  4. is not working Wait to put lua file
  5. bindKey("F7","down","basel") how can i Make it When i Press F7 the Gui Appears and When i Press F7 Again the Close this Small question Help
  6. Is there a specific File to Put Script Editor file Inside plz give me the Steps :::
  7. hi Guys i have A small problem With Script Editor i Use to Script on Notepad but I want to use mta Script Editor i have download from : viewtopic.php?f=91&t=24834 but When i started he Give me this Error : Plz I want your help
  8. are probelm in vote ? ? lol you don't say vote you say /arena 20 20 and this only admin Sorry You dont have experience Try to not reply !
  9. <acl> <group name="Everyone"> <acl name="Default" /> <object name="user.*" /> <object name="resource.*" /> </group> <group name="Moderator"> <acl name="Moderator" /> <object name="resource.mapcycler" /> <object name="resource.mapmanager" /> <object name="resource.resourcemanager" /> <object name="resource.votemanager" /> </group> <group name="SuperModerator"> <acl name="Moderator" /> <acl
  10. The problem Just in BaseMode#2 but in BaseMode#3 When i "Double vote" he show me Choose Yes or No !!
  11. this is group Admin i Copy it from my server acl <group name="Admin"> <acl name="Moderator" /> <acl name="SuperModerator" /> <acl name="Admin" /> <acl name="RPC" /> <acl name="Default" /> <object name="resource.admin" /> <object name="resource.webadmin" /> <object name="user.basel" /> <object name="resource.BaseMode" /> </group> The problem is not from acl it is from the Script
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ وش عنده المبرمج الله يخلي الاجانب ماقصرو Thank you mta ^^
  13. I know you Mis Understand me ??!!? When i wrote this in F8 arena 20 <<<< the map dosent start arena 20 20 <<< the map start if i was admin or not so it is bug !
  14. this Resourc best then CAM HACK : viewtopic.php?f=108&t=27006&hilit=stage
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