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  1. 140 Hay server please . Thank's for vid I missed the test so nice to see some good change's.
  2. I have the retail version so if anyone needs to know what's inside certain files let me know and I will grab the info.... Game runs fine for me but alot of people are having issues atm, Plus there is no Dedicated servers which is abit of a disappointment but the game is great, Few bugs and Glitches I hope get ironed out and some code fixed for those that are having problems R* says they are working on a patch...
  3. I see, I dont know much about modding just thought this info would be useful to people intrested as asked in the MTAIV thread, Be sure to read thru that forum thread as he is posting other stuff that was just info found on page 1 and 2.
  4. Smiler_16 has got the Game and has kindly posted us some info we have all all been eagerly waiting to know Be sure to check out http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?show ... 78269&st=0 Heres is the list in the File known as: 'Files.txt': common\data\action_table.csv common\data\action_table.xls common\data\action_table_backup.csv common\data\ambient.dat common\data\animgrp.dat common\data\animviewer.dat common\data\animviewer_images.txt common\data\ar_stats.dat common\data\carcols.dat common\data\cargrp.dat common\data\carmods.dat common\data\cj_gta.dat common\data\cj_images.t
  5. I found these Ids Here on the forums awhile ago , thx to whoever got them , I stuck them in order of the vehs there for so ignore the first digits. 143. 1142, Oval Bonnet Vents ® 144. 1143, Oval Bonnet Vents (L) 145. 1144, Square Bonnet Vents ® 146. 1145, Square Bonnet Vents (L) 1. 1000, Generic Spoiler 2. 1001, Generic Spoiler 3. 1002, Generic Spoiler 4. 1003, Generic Spoiler 5. 1004, Bonnet Scoop? 6. 1005, Bonnet Scoop? 7. 1006, Generic Vehicle Roof-Scoop 8. 1007, Generic Vehicle Side Skirt (L) 9. 1008, Nitro - 5 Shots 10. 1009, Nitro - 2 Shots 11. 101
  6. Yep Animations great suggestion! would be awesome to do the drunk walk among all the other funny animations
  7. Hehe , I use keyboard and mouse I find it alot easier to drive that way you can move the mouse freely while driving and stuff , response time alot quicker than a analogue stick when comes to rotating , But I have nothing against people who use controllers so for you guys it will be good if there was more support which there will be soon.
  8. Yep third eye , On the map fallout I think its called , there was a cheater with special caracters , check out the pics I posted on the Hackers section for refernce Couldnt votekick him are nothing , We should see this problem solved soon I hope.
  9. hmm thats strange , I set my jump key to LShift , Make sure u set the controls in the settings of MTA itself This works for me fine , As well as Sprint set to Q and many other things give it a try. On a side note I see your from spain so Im guessing your keyboard language is set to Spanish that could be the problem , But its just a wild guess as I dont know the Supr key try changing your keyboard to English , As I sayed its a wild guess but try the LShift key first.
  10. Hi KillerNo99 please refer your post via the link to the correct section , thx. Bug Section - viewforum.php?f=95 and here if you have a suggestion Suggestion Section - viewforum.php?f=96
  11. New section for Bugs , Suggestion's , Please Repost your , Bugs , Suggestion's there Thx whoever created it.
  12. Dam cheaters are popping up like rats/mice attracted to food Name and Shame these scum. Wall of shame
  13. Nice KillFrenzy , Yea the general discussion is flooded atm lol , it needs Organised , Nice Post *Suggestion - When you reach lvl 50 on hay there is a Parachute Spawn so you can enjoy a Base/Hay jump lol (edit) oh I just remember I think I read something awhile ago about parachutes not working , Yea a timelimit would do I guess lol some levels are flooded with pep's. On a Side note hope to see a moderator Sort the Clutter out and Create Proper Offical Feedback Section like Support Area and Sub Sections on these 3 thing's Bugs , Suggestions , Problems
  14. As many of you may notice the General Discussion is filled with posts about bugs , Problems and Suggestions , Kind of cluttered all about the place. We need another Section Dedicated for Feedback like Bugs , Probelms and Suggestions In Sub categories before it gets very messy , I hope to see one Implemented.
  15. Yea Assasinator lol great post! I must say , Yea I got no sleep 2nite either I probably couldnt sleep if I tried hehe , Yea DarkDragon the mainscreen is a work of art Credits are great 2 (Back on Topic) Keep the positive vibes coming .
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