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  1. Yo everyone i'm back from my 2 week vacation so i'll be comitting crime as soon as posible and sniping at the same time woohoo!! I dunno bout this 3.0 i cant really get a good game outa it yet...
  2. Hey SoZ i havnt posted in a while i was just busy snipin........i meen school work anyway MTa runs really slow on my comp i havnt had a good match yet,lol It might be cuase i'm goin on linux servers,lol
  3. Okay thanks Lask I really needed an avatar it was annoying me,lol
  4. Hey Xerox can u fix this problem....i cant get to page 7 ....not unless i post a new post
  5. Hey do u want to have a TaG for the Gang so we can reconize who's in our gang from ASE for example something like {RmO}ArcatraZ Or we could have rank as well {RmO_Sniper}ArcatraZ {RmO_DoN}ArtiGamer just a sugestion cause it would help me reconize some of the new members if i see them in ASE
  6. The Casino is an amazing base!! Sniper point good tho the docks would b quite good....but hard to defend the docks so casino fine wit me.....bad thing tho sniper isnt supposrted yet for MTA and each player has 900 health!!!!there is no way i could take someone out with one shot that way Its easy to host a server,i could host us now but i have a very bad connection....56ker We got a skin yet? I'm not very good at making skins.....DarKGX u could make good skins i think....ur logo's are amazing so ur skins must b quite good. If u guyz host a server host it so it'll b on ASE if u know how t
  7. Hey guyz anyone know where i can host my avatar so i can use it on the forum i miss me Rieko I want her!!! anyway We will rule liberty city as soon as it comes out!! Is the whole MTA going to be held on 1 big server like an MMORPG?
  8. Hey yall 7 days til the release of 0.3b hopefully!!!! ArcatraZ The Sniper gettin ready for some action!! I get VC tomorraz WooHOO!!! -ArcatraZ {RMO-Sniper} But u already know that,lol.......
  9. LOL sorry Witte u should have thought about that b4 u left.....
  10. I just wanna say 2 things.... 1st.... Do i have to have a star for my avatar caus i love mine 2nd.... We cant get to excited in the multiple people in 1 car thing because we wont be able to do drive-bys.Its just multiple in a car transport not combat...YET! P.S - Don...I'm a games developer but i dont do much of the programming but i could help.....Just give me a PM if he needs me... ArcatraZ....Over and Out....
  11. Hey RobZGoD I'm the sniper and Scout for the gang as u me see in previous posts,well spy but aint that a kind of scout? Our gang car is a black Stinger as its said in preivous posts! Anyway Pleased to meet u mackeman welcome!! Its wouldnt be 4 sentinals it would b 4 stingers!!
  12. I'd be either as well as the spy and sniper! I mean i could do both and i'd snipe and spy on your call? Either that or just sniper and spy and i'll snipe and spy on my call!
  13. Its kinda Hard to get this page why cant u just click next on page 7 to come here? we need to wait for a New post can u fix this Xerox?
  14. Is witte_Russian not the right hand man??
  15. Hentai Rules!!!! umm anyway.........Roger wilco is a program then lets u talk during games aka. Voice chat but it isnt to good i think since people all over the world would have diffrent accents
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