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  1. Why is the lock on feature disabled? Without it, shooting moving targets is frustrating, especially if they are circle strafing you. This is just another reason why the numbers of players playing GTA multiplayer mods are dying. With how many hits it takes to kill a player, combat is a f---ing chore! Don't you people learn anything!? A shotgun blast a point blank should almost be an instant kill. It shoudn't have to take a full 17 bullet clip from a 9mm to kill a single person that doesn't even have body armor!
  2. I've played on some samp servers where they have over 50 commands and if you are looking for one you have to type in /commands then type a category then maybe yet another category then type the freakin command. The whole thing just plain stupid. There are many reasons why games like WoW are so much more popular than these multiplayer mods. One of them is the quick menus. Has anyone ever thought of adding in some quick menus that appear when you press a key?
  3. The deathmatch for mta:sa will have improved greatly on the sync problems. This should make it easier to sync the npcs. Maybe you should wait and try adding them in for that? As for spawning them all over the map, an easier way might be to figure out how to make them only appear within a certain radius of each player. And then if the npcs could be removed when the players in the area leave or die. It would be awesome to see some npcs in mta so you don't have to travel like 10 blocks to kill something. If spawning npcs with players all over the map is a problem then maybe someone could make a
  4. If online gaming disappeared, gamers worldwide would break out into a blind rage and riot like there's no tomorrow. In the end, we'd be back in the stone age. Here's a visual aid for those that have difficulty understanding the English language.
  5. Jeez! The deathmatch servers are completely empty! The only ones still being used is the rpg servers like argonath but that one is gay and boring and those power-drunk dickheads they call admins only take away even more from the fun. How about someone suggest a deathmatch server that we all go play on?
  6. Unfortunately npcs will never appear because it's apparently extremely difficult to do and you really can't have good in synced npcs when mta:vc is so unstable and the the mta team refuses to even entertain the thought of npcs ever being in mta. You're not the only one who is a little pissed off about this. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the majority of the players who come to this site are disappointed with it. If you want a little more fun in single player, download some mods.
  7. TIMMEH! killed Vicer/Spitfire. (Telling Michael Jackson where Vicer/Spitfire lives)
  8. This program is awesome! It even uses emotes!LOL!!!!
  9. TIMMEH! killed Lumina (freezes Lumina solid with liquid nitrogen and stores Lumina in a meat freezer and forgets about it for 11 months then goes back to the freezer and smashes Lumina to tiny pieces with a sledge hammer)
  10. Tornadoes would be really funny in MTA. If they add that, they should work on putting in some like 75 foot tsunamis that hit the edges of the map too. And how about lightning that randomly strikes players? That would be funny to watch one of those spawn campers get hit by an act of god. lol
  11. They could edit the vehicles so they have less traction and stuff. More slippy and slidey. I BRAKE FOR NO ONE!!
  12. 4/01/2008 lol Going slighly off topic, they should make the day it is released a new international holiday.
  13. Cool idea. You obviously play lots of Need for Speed.
  14. Yeah, how about a bomb vest too? That would be kinda funny. Hey, anyone remember that mission in GTA3 where the Yardies trap you it a parking lot and then all these drugged up suicide bombers run at you yelling "present for you TNT! hahahaha come to daddy hahahaha"?
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