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  1. Nice idea dude that would be good in race as well tho Servers like Neo - Cops vs robbers - would benefit from that
  2. Lol so what was the point in replying to the post if u saying ur not going to suggest any ideas lol??? Hmmmmmmmmm......................................
  3. What about a straight line then like 10 loops in a row then line and so on till like 50 loops. Race idea.
  4. Well i was trying to make a corner like a mini loop but angled and every time i tried i failed. Anyone any tips?
  5. There is a folder somewhere on your computer were u can access all the maps uve played so if uve played any wankenstein maps get them from that folder
  6. Not as far as I no go to the topic - perfect loops using excel thats the closet your going to get but it would be nice to just put in ready made loops it would make it a lot easier and less time consuming.
  7. There is like no point of unlimited time it get way to boring if u wanna free roam just test race on map editor. I think 20 mins still long Well thats just my input anyway
  8. DM - My favourite map for DM is.... Well theirs a lot but I like e.g. Wankenstein DD and other cool ones thats are..........cool Race: - I don't play race a lot but my favourite map for race......so far would be............. The dighny falls series and similiar maps
  9. I think GTA SA is my favourite becuase its the best so far as further developments in technology has made them better every time one comes out i mean GTA IV is going to be 10 times better than GTA SA and I think GTA SA is super good for stunting and flying becuase its so much easier to control. And killing is more gory and violent ( I'm crazy ) also theirs a buch of cool features like swimming and theirs bikes. So obviously GTA San Andreas is the BEST in my opinion
  10. Im not actually too bothered about it but Kl im sure other people will be
  11. Why not have an update that actually lets clan's have PROPER clan wars instead of ones that people just make. Dunno really just a quick idea
  12. Thanks dude and please do sign up to my website I don't even mind if you don't join but I would like some more members on my website so i've got active users to talk to. It gets boring with only 2 other people at the moment to reply and they don't. But I would like if some more people did [s&E]
  13. Hi I'm Emberingphoenix S and E is my clan it stands for Sam (Thats me) and Ellis (My co-leader) pretty bad name but oh well. Anyway we are a really new clan but experinced in MTA espcially me being in many clans but not filling fullfilled so I started my own clan. Anyone at the moment we are a DM clan but I would like to extend that to Race when there is enough members. This clan was started only a week ago and this is the first advertisment I've made so we have no members besides me and my co-leader as well as one of my family members and soon to be some of my friends. Anyway I would lik
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