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    When a car spawned, sometimes the door is damaged and/or 1 wheel is gone. Maybe it's a bug, I don't know. Thanks, Check
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    Ok. I'm not insulting you, maybe you think but I don't want to, sorry. Yes be both won...just hope they will release MTA:DM soon. That's what we all want, don't we?!
  3. Check


    I don't try to be cool. I just started a topic with a question and you go OFFTOPIC, not me. It seems we both "won" this discussion, I can agree you can't. As I said; you're the boss on your server, not anyone else.
  4. Check


    Where are we talking about? I have my opinion, you have yours. And I just give arguments for mine, and you just blame me, little child! With the word "map-lovers" I meant people who only exspect your map ideas in MTA:DM. What I understand under "maps" is that you can make objects, races & pick-ups for the server (you own). So you can choose what you want, or classic mapsystem, or just 1 big map with objects. Maybe the MTA Team made it in another way: that you choose the maps (with objects etc.) you want in the game and the server will display them in 1 San Andreas, not 1000 splitted up
  5. Check


    The MTA Team has given video's of various gamemodes, not the whole mod. It are just things you can do in MTA, and all her new features. This has nothing to do with maps or max. duration. You can script this if you want, I'm sure the team wants MTA to be played by many people, not only "map-lovers". Also, they said you can create your own gamemodes, and script what you want, this doesn't mean there is a max. duration or whatever, but they can include it in the MTA:DM release for the people who want that. For the other people (like me), who prefer not want that kind of map system, can just scr
  6. He didn't ask for a update, he just wanted to know if the MTA Team has made an auto-update system
  7. Check


    please... DON'T DO WHAT HE SAID! i hope mta dm has the samee idea of MP gaming as race with not only one mode per server. actually the only thing i hate on samp is that you have to switch the servers if you want to play anything else i really hope theres also the max duration on default I don't even say they have to, the only thing I said that it would be great, but everyone has his own opinion. I don't like the map system, than you have to vote before you can play another map or location in SA. Like in SA-MP, you can just use a command to teleport to it. To play a good deathmatch, it has
  8. Check


    Ok, thanks. Does this mean there will be a race editor?
  9. Check


    Hello, I was wondering if you could make races in GTA:SA - MTA:DM, like in MTA:RACE. And... can you use teleports in DM? I know the functions aren't released yet, but maybe someone knows. Also it would be great when there's not a map system, you know, voting for a map. Just the whole GTA:SA environment like in SA-MP... I hope someone can answer my questions. Thanks in advance, Check
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