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  1. yea same prob but i have XP.
  2. yea same prob but i have XP.
  3. omg, i did not even know about your map. so stfu and gtfo 1- you stfu 12 year kid 2- at least admit u stealed it from server 3- its mave idea not yours so u gtfo Talk to mave about it.
  4. omg, i did not even know about your map. so stfu and gtfo
  5. 24/7 delux minigames server It's my clan leaders server and its ranked 24.
  6. 10 of what? And when i tested it, it worked fine.
  7. NOW WORKING! ONLY FOR CDM AT THE MOMENT. http://up.delux-host.com/?f=702 http://up.delux-host.com/?f=702 http://up.delux-host.com/?f=702
  8. Hahahahah. Cumshot. Nice find, what i meant was that If your trying to spell the country Iraq, Its Iraq.
  9. Screenshots please, and it's called Iraq.
  10. You can also type /refresh in game( if you are logged in as admin) or type refresh in console(Reloads all resources) Thanks for the info. Could anyone install my map and test it, I can't run a server...
  11. Deleting the [.set] file should be sufficient. 1. I don't have Vista, but XP Pro. 2. I don't use joysticks. 3. What do I have to do again? Shaow, hes saying delete the .set file in your gta folder, data i think, just look around.
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