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  1. All done http://upload.mtasa.com/u/667454520/spu ... ivate.zip_
  2. Nothing happened, problem still there.
  3. Could not install the intel graphics driver, says i must obain it from my computer manufacturer and Asus program says i already have the latest. And just to be sure then im stuck at this screen: I also have little ingame mouse middle there at the first second, imo it should come later It works fine with 1.3.4, but if i update it to 1.3.5 and restart then it happens. Anyway pastebin link: http://pastebin.mtasa.com/810770488
  4. http://pastebin.mtasa.com/718595928 Happened overnight. Tryed to reinstall the MTA, runs fine till i restart it.
  5. SpUnKyMe

    TCT: FlowEditor

    Waoh, finally something stunningly new to MTA. Reminds me garrymod wiremod a bit, awesome job!
  6. Top times for MTA Race deathmatch servers which is synced with other servers using the same resource. Includes: Top 10 (F5 to toggle) Shows local player top if he has some. Recording player name, serial, country, date recorded and of course, time he made with some comments. Starting First of all you will have to setup the meta file for first use, open meta.xml There should be following: <setting name="@tag" value=""></setting> <setting name="@colour" value=""></setting> Edit it for your needs, tag must be between 2-4 chars and colour in HEX ( red
  7. It is optional argument, you don't have to use it unless you want to draw it over GUI elements.
  8. http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 4b#p507049
  9. should be md5(md5($salt) . md5($password)) edit: Also found one awesome tutorial viewtopic.php?f=148&t=47889&p=474275&hilit=php+sdk#p474275
  10. This one will end the map if last player has already hunter -- Update ranking board if one player left local activePlayers = getActivePlayers() if #activePlayers == 1 then self.rankingBoard:add(activePlayers[1], timePassed) showMessage(getPlayerName(activePlayers[1]) .. ' is the final survivor!', 0, 255, 0) triggerEvent( "onPlayerWinDD",activePlayers[1] ) if (getElementModel(getPedOccupiedVehicle(activePlayers[1])) == 425) then RaceMode.endMap() end end And this one will end the map when last player gets hunter (add it end of the file) addEven
  11. addEventHandler('onClientGUIClick', root, function() if source == GUIEditor_Button[21] then if guiGetText ( GUIEditor_Button[21] ) ~= "français" then local i = 1 while i ~= 20 do guiSetText(GUIEditor_Button[i],"Ecrivez ici") i = i + 1 end elseif guiGetText ( GUIEditor_Button[22] ) ~= "Deutsch" then local i = 1 while i ~= 19 do guiSetText(GUIEditor_Button[i],"Was ist hier erforderlich") i = i + 1 end end end end)
  12. Mkay, open up race/modes/destructionderby.lua find in function DestructionDerby:onPlayerWasted(player) if getActivePlayerCount() <= 1 then replace it with if getActivePlayerCount() <= 0 then So it should look like this function DestructionDerby:onPlayerWasted(player) if isActivePlayer(player) then self:handleFinishActivePlayer(player) if getActivePlayerCount() <= 0 then RaceMode.endMap() else TimerManager.createTimerFor("map",player):setTimer(clientCall, 2000, 1, player, 'Spectate.start', 'auto') end
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