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  1. Here it is. Elegy Sprint by JayNich DOWNLOAD http://files.filefront.com/Elegy+Sprint+by+JayNichmap/;9234930;/fileinfo.html VIDEO
  2. Here it is. Elegy Sprint by JayNich DOWNLOAD http://files.filefront.com/Elegy+Sprint+by+JayNichmap/;9234930;/fileinfo.html VIDEO
  3. I just got 2 virus warnings for a trojan in the MTA client. Why?
  4. When i try to use that IP though it times out. But when I connect to the actual IP, which I logged onto the router location, and checked router status. It shows something else. When I connect to that it says server full and kicks me
  5. Its not letting me use It keeps giving me "Must be LAN IP" But I dont want it to connect LAN. I followed ALL directions in the portforward.com tutorial. I a using WGR614v6 If you could help me out, it would be GREATLY appreciated!
  6. Some people don't have the option of which OS they want when purchasing a new computer. I just got my laptop and I set it up so it would run amazing. But I had no choice but Windows SHITSTA.
  7. Or just buy a second hardrive and replace it when you want to use XP. Haha. Or setup dual HD's and run XP on the other.
  8. you're talking like it's our fault. In my case Windows Vista came already installed on my PC. I can't install XP because I don't have any driver CDs(motherboard, video card, sound, etc). Just recovery that I can use from pushing F11 while starting PC so it wasn't my choice to have this freaking windows I'm checking the forum everyday for updates related to "Running MTA:SA under Vista" and no luck so far. grrrr , and I liked so much this game Cya, Control Panel>System Write down the information and go to the hardwares official site and download drivers. Then there you have it...zO
  9. Alright, so...I have no knowledge of programming. But, why can't someone who DOES know some programming and what not, just use some .dll tool and edit it, and change the part of the "code" or whatever in the client.dll to work with Vista? Again, I have no knowledge of programming, so if this makes no sense...then...oh well.
  10. MOVED TO http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?act=ST&f=55&t=301646&st=0#entry1057294176
  11. Ok so I can barely get through it myself. lol But hey, it's a good challenge if the creator can barely make it through! BTW Is there anywhere easy to host the map? Im not sure how to do it on Rapidshare or any of those. Perhaps I can try megaupload? Let me know! Thx! JayNich EDIT: *Working on gettting that 10% video. i find it nearly impossible to grind on MTA. I noticed they changed the physics. **Debating on whether or not to take out the grind, and put an alternative. Perhaps, a double bump? I will experiment a bit. The grind is rather difficult. Maybe even impossible I fear. =/ **
  12. Hey what's up this is my first map mod. Unfortunately I am running VISTA on my lappy so I apologize if the image looks bad. I had to record on my desktop, which is fairly old. So, my main purpose of this was to add all the different stunts in, Bumps, grinds, wallrides. It's still under construct but what I have so far is difficult. You can contact me via ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, or AIM if you are interested in trying this map. I am rarely found on Yahoo I warn you. Anyways, here is the video. From start to where I stopped building. ENJOY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv8BSL8Uqeg Let me know
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