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  1. Try http://www.virtualscripting.net/forum/ try pinging it in cmd prompt and post the results here
  2. What do you see? http://www.virtualscripting.net/
  3. Us at VS are trying to get other people in the community involved! We encourage members of the GTA Multiplayer's communitys to post their own tutorials, weather it be advanced, or just plain beginners. Using the VS Forums it is easy to search for a tutorial you need, and you can also request tutorials to give us an idea of the kind of stuff you are looking for!
  4. Lol You are welcome to write some tutorials of your own I'm sure you can find yourself a spare 20mins
  5. Virtual Scripting have been opened! It has a small collection of LUA and Pawn tutorials which hopefully will come in useful to code-beginners! We strongly encourage members to submit their own tutorials so other members can learn from each others wisdom! The website is located at http://www.virtualscripting.net! Registration is obviously free and all tutorials are free to view (obviously!) The Virtual-Scripting team would like to thank the support from members of the QA team for helping them learn, so they could share their wisdom with the rest of the MTA community! and we hope that th
  6. It's a website that is going to be used for people to post their lua and pawn scripting tutorials to help those who need extra help getting started, We aren't ready to open the forum yet tho untill we get a decent amount of lua tutorials, we have around 10 sa-mp tutorials and 5 LUA tutorials, we are hoping to level them out before opening the forums to the public. If your interested in making some lua tutorials then feel free to add me on msn mack@caneman.info or contact me on irc #vs (gtaNet)
  7. Yet another wonderful script from Mabako. You should join the Virtual Scripting Team
  8. Hey, A few day's ago me, and some other friends who are very interested in LUA and Pawn, decided to put a tutorial website for the two languages. The website is complete, but i would like to have more tutorials for people to read before we made the site available to the public. We have plenty of SA-MP tutorials, but we don't have many LUA tutorials. The reason why i am posting here, is because i need the community's help and support, and you can do this, by posting your tutorial ideas here in this thread, or EVEN writing a tutorial if you feel really kind, and submitting it to me on
  9. setElementAlpha(source, 0) First argument is the player you wish to set the alpha (visibility/transparity). The second argument is the value of the alpha you wish to set it to. Hope this helps
  10. Did that acctually work? edit: that acctually worked ! dunno what happened
  11. yeah, i do fade the camera first tho... i just didn't post it in my code, sorry. Could you post your camera code here so i can compare it.
  12. I'm pretty sure thats not the Model id for the admiral
  13. yes i had the same bug, If you load the vehicle, AND THEN load the TXD the .txd files work (when i say load the vehicle i dont mean .dff i mean the acctually vehicle model, like, i set a timer after onPlayerJoin because thats when vehicles are created for a player)
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