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  1. Feche1320

    Mysql scape string

    I will try ASAP, thanks
  2. setAmbientSoundEnabled( "general", false ) setAmbientSoundEnabled( "gunfire", false )
  3. Feche1320

    Mysql scape string

    If I have a string with 'ilegal' characters, Mysql throws an error (1064) local name = getPlayerName(source) -- Let's say that the string returned by getPlayerName is Fe'che dbExec(db, "UPDATE stats SET anyvalue = '" ..name.. "'") I tried with gsub -> name:gsub("\'", "\''"), but no success
  4. Feche1320

    MTA - Fuel System

    You are posting client side scripts, if it's a fuel system, the server-side scripts do the math to 'lower' fuel, so go check server side scripts for any errors (you can use /debugscript 3)
  5. Feche1320

    [DM]1thwonder - Interstellar |v4

    Awsome map
  6. Feche1320

    [HELP] How to make a infinite loop function.

    Depends on what you want to do
  7. Feche1320

    [HELP] How to fix this bug in render target?

    If you alt-tab, your render target will become black
  8. Hello, is there any way to allow the in-game web browser to load any page? for example, when I enter on Gmail, the mail images don't load. Thanks
  9. Feche1320


  10. Feche1320

    Green Candy

    Short long: proyect is dead by now
  11. Feche1320

    Fail check on resource start

    Where does currentRes come from? addNewTime(currentRes, serial, time, name, country)
  12. Feche1320

    Fail check on resource start

    local ResMode = getResourceInfo(res,"gamemode") It's gamemodeS, not gamemode.. local ResMode = getResourceInfo(res,"gamemodes")
  13. Feche1320

    Report system with screenshot support

    If you want an un-optimized server, then go ahead I just tried to help you in another way, take it or leave it. Next week you will be asking why your server lags when loading reports, gl
  14. Feche1320

    Report system with screenshot support

    That just says everything.
  15. Feche1320

    Report system with screenshot support

    Do as the guy said, store just the references.. what Ciber said is wrong.. you could do something like INSERT INTO yourtablename VALUES ('reportedaccount', 'reportreason', 'pathtoscreenshot')