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  1. cd-key banned? pretending to be a girl won't help you !
  2. replace the gtasa.exe with another one! don't ask for links , you might get banned for asking that! i'l give you a link anyway .. google.com
  3. This one: http://www.dump.ro/download.php?id=Njli ... nload=true Aaand this one: http://www.dump.ro/download.php?id=NGZj ... nload=true
  4. Release date : email God and ask for it the only map editor avaiable is the MTA:R one , after making a map convert it by using MTA:R to MTA:DM map editor , use SEARCH on forum for it!
  5. This should help , go to mta folder - data - delete menu.mkv , you lag because the background movie is HDD !
  6. This is an PREVIEW of the MTA:DM , it has NO anti-cheat! the AC is still under development , i think!
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