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  1. Just use "textCreateDisplay" Something like this... myTextDisplay = textCreateDisplay () textDisplayAddObserver ( myTextDisplay, myPlayer ) myTextItem = textCreateTextItem ( "http://www.thefunserver.net", 0.5, 0.5 ) textDisplayAddText ( myTextDisplay, myTextItem ) Put that in "onPlayerJoin" Not tested.
  2. You cannot mod weapons YET, I think.
  3. Killerkid


    Did you put it in the "Client" script or server..If it's in "server" it wont work.. <script src="something.lua" type="client"/> Is Client. <script src="something.lua" /> Is Server. Btw that's in meta.xml, good luck
  4. We need bug fixes firsts then release then stuff like this in updates. I would be good if u can create actors and there was lots of actor functions.
  5. Hey when i download it deletes it self I put my virus thing off and still. It has blocked: http://files.gonnaplay.com/201/MTAInstall05.exe so i looked on google so if anyone is hosting it i found one but it still deletes it self BTW: I'm running NOD32 as my virus thing. Anyone help
  6. Sounds good, So weapons like baseball bat will not work?
  7. Sounds good, Can you say witch weapons cannot be used for drive by? Minigun drive by!
  8. Killerkid

    Drive By

    Hello i tho it would be good if you can add SetDbWeapon(Weapon id) What you think
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