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  1. I've done this in another resource: function testt (source) pMoneyz = exports["points"]:loadPlayerData (source,"cash") outputChatBox (pMoneyz, source) end addCommandHandler ("cha", testt) But in debugscript it outputs : 'ERROR: Call: failed to call 'points:loadPlayerData' [string "?"]' Thanks in advance.
  2. Well, I've got this: function getPlayerCash (player) loadPlayerData (player,"cash") end
  3. I want to use the data 'cash' in the xml file in another resource. How can I do an exported function?
  4. Hey there, I'm dealing with some problem that I can't solve without help. I've got a script that saves a player's cash in a xml file. In another script, I need to somehow, import the player's cash from the xml file to do an if check. Can someone help me out? The xml file looks like that: <users> <user> <SERIAL_1948D27D64A12DD19329F2D5377717E3 points="78" cash="318" ></SERIAL_1948D27D64A12DD19329F2D5377717E3> <SERIAL_2631516CC240A88B3BBD41F466C11844 "></SERIAL_2631516CC240A88B3BBD41F466C11844> <SERIAL_E9A45949A1814608A
  5. kev|GER

    Destroy blip

    Thanks for such the quick answers.
  6. kev|GER

    Destroy blip

    Hello, I've got a couple of questions, I'd like to know how to delete a blip attached to a player, and a way of getting it back, matching the team color and stuff. I've tried destroyBlipAttachedTo, as mentioned in some topics over this forum, but that function doesn't even exists. I've seen examples of removing the blip when the player connects, but what about when a command is activated? Like a script that would make the player lose its blip, and then , with a toggle, attach the blip back? The attachment of the blip is easy, as it would only be createBlipAttachedTo, but I'd like to know how
  7. So? It's right. I attachel the element one whit the other element.
  8. What can be the problem?
  9. No, THe boat is moving, the carrier isn't. Thats the problem.
  10. So, I tried attach the boat to the carrier and when I droved the boat, the ship didn't move. HEres the script tropic = createVehicle ( 454, 2120.2375488281, 3017.9653320313, 0, 0, 0, 268.5 ) partofcarrier1 = createObject ( 10771, 2014.1197509766, 3017.8559570313, 9.375, 0, 0, 0 ) partofcarrier2 = createObject ( 11145, 1951.1853027344, 3017.8220214844, 8.2094535827637, 0, 0, 0 ) partofcarrier3 = createObject ( 11146, 2005.0550537109, 3018.4548339844, 16.224634170532, 0, 0, 0 ) partofcarrier4 = createObject ( 3884, 2072.220703125, 3010.1181640625, 22.22149848938, 0, 0,0 ) partofcarrier5 = c
  11. We have special vehicles in DKR you can control, hot air balloons, rockets and hangar ships, did you see it there? Cause I am pretty sure we attach hangar objects to an invisible tropic by command. I didn't seen it there. But I'll try play there and see how it is. Can u release the scripts ? Or give me the short part about that timer and the way it will know the ships rotation etc. I'd be really appreciate.
  12. Okay, I got the attachment thingy. Now I'd like to do something like moveCarrierForward = moveObjectToTarget ( nameOfObject, numberOfPixelsUp, NumberOfPixelsDown, left right and rotations etc.) I can't find the command. I know the moveObject one but it will fail I think cause it moves the a location given, I dont wanna that. Then, I wont do it by GUI. I want to do something like addCommandHandler ( "carrierforward, moveCarrierForward ) and all the other commands. So, what I need to know it's what are the commands to do it. Thanks a lot. Btw, if possible, after I've the script finished i
  13. Can u please explain me how to do that? And what after that? How I move the carrier up and down, to right and left ? And how I can, after have the functions done, "redirect" them to the gui that I've created? Thanks for reply.
  14. Thanks for reply mate. I know how to do that, but I want a drivable carrier, not just the elevator.
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