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  1. you can attach object to bone in mta?
  2. but mta have no pocibility to attach hats and glasses and other objects like cases and cigars to players bodyparts, like in new samp version. and this is cool feauture for rp servers.
  3. CONGRATZ http://www.moddb.com/events/2010-mod-of ... -year-2010
  4. i mean if you are player, after first shoot from m4, for example, bullets will fly a bit random, thats also for peds? i need to make bullets fly always exactly in 1 point where ped is aiming.
  5. I have a question. if ped will shoot, will bullet always fly to the point at which he was aiming at?
  6. I think it will increase number of players, because not everyone want to register or cant(in lan for exmpl). Also as the way it would be good to register throw private servers: im starting server with connection to interner, and when player setup my server he also register on mtabeta.com but with throw my server.
  7. CypT2

    radararea brokes

    Look : I ve made the radar area , and it often brokes on gta radar map(when player turns on some angles near area side and out of area) - it seems that 1 point of square brokes. Btw : on F11 map all is ok ; I also think that this trouble depeneds on area size - on small areas i dont ever seen such bug;
  8. here http://files.filefront.com/vehcrashzip/ ... einfo.html a small client-side script. When u drive too fast and then got some trees on bumper, driver (and maybe passengers) will got damage You can adjust damage or accuracity by editing script. I have tested it a bit, it seems to work good. --------------------- p.s sry for my eng
  9. ok what about 1: custom radar map 2: full custom static preloaded map (the point of this is possibility to make own game cities (not in air,and without loading full sa map(maybe if that map will have sa map format it will solve sliding problem)), like in addons ,for san andreas) 3: scene animations , like mission briefings in singleplayer , that starts on client. 4: glue zones . That means that player glues to a vehicle , but also can move in some square. 5: perfect driveby with normal shoot delay=) 6: police radio in police cars 7: posibility to kill driver , of course
  10. Maybe solution is to delete fire effects ,except of burning players, with molotv coctails and flamethrowers? btw , can i add own fire with scripting tools?
  11. The point of problem is that the gta reloads effects (like fire on ground) for player after his death. So when player appear at spawn he will not see any fire that was made before his death, while other players are seeing it. I have tested it with molotovs - a half of groove street was at fire, then i respawned and i saw that the street is clear of any destructions. I think this problemm not only for fire , but for many effects like tear gas and etc..
  12. You can script your own AI and make the co-op vigilante mode with the scripting system MTA:DM provides So its possible to add pseudo players without starting new client?
  13. CypT2

    Drive By

    And what about firing from passanger seat? is the same system?
  14. CypT2

    Drive By

    is this about speed of bullets or fire rate? will the player autoreload his shotgun after a single-fire, like onfoot?
  15. Hello. I think it would be nice to add this functions to the scripting api of mta server/ some of them of course could be scripted , but i think is better to put them in the core for better performance. or , if this is possible, to put it realisation to mta client. 1. setObjectFixedForPlayer(player,object) - sets the object to move and rotate with player (Can be used for example in robber script , when player will stole some of stuff from flats), or for making some auras. etc.. 2. onPlayerMadeDamageToPlayer(Player1,Player2,Weapon) - this callback can be used in RPG's(police informing on o
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