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  1. Ill try my best. Does eXo have a site where i can contact him? edit: I actually found it, someone just uploaded all the maps that he had on his PC, so i have it. If anyone is interested, this download contains Crooked-D, Destruction Derby VC and more old ones. Clicky
  2. Does anyone still have this map, Crooked-D? Its a DD, you spawn with a bullet, then there is 1 nitro, 2 repair (seperated) and 1 turismo pick-up. Oldies may remember it. For MTA Race please, thanks alot in advance!
  3. Clear guide mate, its probably going to help me alot. Thanks!
  4. ^^ So probably not a server-side problem.
  5. I think i figured it out. Everytime somebody joins the game, it freezes for like 0.5 second. What can i do against this annoying problem? And the server i am talking about is Mr-Green Race #1
  6. Dominator[NL]

    MTA is laggy

    I have a good computer, i never have fpslag/drop/freezes in SA-MP/GTA:SA SP but now in this server, my screen freezes every 30 seconds or so. I tried lowering the video options (in SP, and MTA) but it doesnt work. What can be the problem of this?
  7. It should be in Mta San andreas/mods/map_editior/maps (in program files most likley)
  8. Hey ppl! A long time ago i had a .map file which contained Liberty City in objects (so u can drive everywhere) . But to bad: i lost it because of a pc crash. So, does anybody have this for me? Because now i only have Saint Marks Bristo Thanks alot!
  9. Hey, So i downloaded MTA:DM, and i wanted to start the map editior preview. But then i get a error: Map Editor blabla, not installed. But i installed everything that i could install, and i re-installed but nothing worked. Plz help?
  10. Hey guys. So i made a map, but its an map that u only can play with 1 player. So i was looking for somebody or a tool that can help me. The map must be duplicated exactly above the other one. So the map gets floors. I also explained it in this wonderfull ( ) paint thingy: I hope u understand. Thx in advance Greetingz from Dominator
  11. hmmm. ok, thnx for helping. maybe i will use interiors with MTA:DM @DarkDragon, thanks for uploading !
  12. Hey hey guys. I have a question. Can i make races in interiors like Liberty City? Because i tried sum things to go to LC with the M-E (Map - Editior), but i didnt found it. So maybe you can help? Thanx in advance greetings from Dominator
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