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  1. Looks great, it's about time the forums got an update. I think night mode would make this forum even better!
  2. It looks like account.lua was compiled with Lua compiler in that directory on scripter's computer, so ignore the file path. The error is really within the file with the same name on the server (not the path provided) at line 72, and if it is indeed compiled, you will be unable to edit it, unless you can de-compile it or you own the source file
  3. Was flying a Stuntplane low over SF Airport runway, with red smoke on. There was a lot of cars with custom handling underneath my plane. My game crashed right after a download of some audio/sound related script (I guess?) Link: http://mta.team-neo.com/client_1.1-unte ... 5_0208.dmp
  4. Team NeO Presents: Team NeO's MTA 1.0 Race/DD/TDM Tournament Tournament and Server Information Gamemode: Race Type: Public (free for all, no registration required) Date and time: Last weekend of every month (this is a recurring event), 48 hours. Server: Team NeO's MTA Server - Race/CnR/DD: Next tournament: 12.00AM GMT @ Saturday, January 29th until 12.00AM GMT @ Monday, January 31th (48 hours) Hint: Click for time zone conversion. Server Rules No cheating or hacking - this will get you banned on sight. No team-killing on [CnR] maps. No advertising. No camping (waiting for an opportunity to strike) on [DD]/No_RS maps. Keep it clean, keep the swearing to a minimum. Treat the server staff, Team NeO members and other players with respect. Grieving and other unsporting behaviour (such as deliberate blocking the race track) will get you kicked. Tournament Rules Qualification of the Winner: The players who have earned the highest amount of points in each of the classes are considered the winners of those classes. Only the first 5 players to finish a race map and the last 5 to die on a map without respawn recieve the points. This system is going to be changed soon. Classes: There are three classes (based on the type of map that is being played): 1. TDM - cops'n'robbers type maps. Two teams, cops and robbers, kill each other. Last player alive - wins. 2. DD - similar to TDM class, but without any teams. 3. Race - race type maps. First to finish the race, gets the most points. Tournament Results: Results will be posted on this thread and Team NeO forums right after the event is over. Rank & Points Table: Race: 1st (winner) - 5pts, 2nd - 4pts, 3rd - 3pts, 4th - 2pts, 5th - 1pt DD/TDM: 5th (winner) - 5pts, 4th - 4 pts, 3rd - 3pts, 2nd - 2pts, 1st - 1pt Additional Information If you got any questions, suggestions or offers, please contact me, NeO_D-Power, in PM or on Team NeO's IRC. IRC: irc.team-neo.com:6667 #team-neo Team NeO Forum: http://www.team-neo.com/forum/index.php?showforum=47
  5. had 2 crashes, here are the logs & dumps