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  1. Hi all, My post is particularly addressed to the developers. Is it possible to get the sources of the small software "MTA Remote Admin.exe" (On RaceMod 1.1.1) I would want to do an other software adapted to my needs (and why not distribute it ...) If it isn't possible, can you give me the specifications about the sockets commands etc ... Thanks by advance, Best regards
  2. Hi all In the log file, I've noticed that the numbers (separated by : ) in the firsts chars at each lines are wrong ! I've made an experience, and when I get the time on my server (with a !time command), I get this line in my log : Why the line isn't : ? I specify that my timezone is the same of my server. I don't understand ! Thanks for your replies !
  3. Hi all, I post here because I get an error when I go to a place, the error is : My map has got a problem ? What is it ? I don't understand ... Thanks ! Regards.
  4. Hi all ! (i'm french, sorry for my english...) I post here for ask this question : I use Multi Theft Auto mIRC Admin (by Aeron) I want the window "MTA Admin by Aeron" to be in the main window of mIRC it's possible ? because, i have got a lot of server and this window perhaps can be in mIRC main window... I don't know the mIRC language... Thanks for your helping !!
  5. Hello ! I HAVE GOT A IDEA !!! add the command !kill nick you understand ? Thanks
  6. oh ! thanks for your script ! i love it !
  7. That's what I did not understand Lot of Big Thanks for your helping It work Thanks
  8. Hi (sorry for my bad english...) I not understand the IRC echo Script ! My configuration : ;echo script by lil_Toady. If you want to suggest something PM me on the mta forums. on *:START:{ set %echoserverid 5 set %echochan #funserversa } on *:TEXT:*:%echochan:{ if ($1 == !msg) mta.text %echoserverid $nick $+ : $2- elseif ($nick isop %echochan) { if ($1 == !kick) mta.kick %echoserverid $mta.getid(%echoserverid,$2) elseif ($1 == !freeze) mta.freeze %echoserverid $mta.getid(%echoserverid,$2) elseif ($1 == !unfreeze) mta.unfreeze %echoserverid $mta.getid(%echose
  9. Thanks for your Script, a lot a principal functions ! , i love ^^ Thanks (and a very difficult code ! )
  10. ok, what's the last version for "Multi Theft Auto mIRC Admin" ? me, i have got : version 4.15, it is the last ? thanks
  11. a ok, but, your script work with MTA:Race R1 ?? thanks !
  12. ok like this ? - the welcome message by text work - the welcome message by pm doesn't work - the timed message doesn't work
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