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  1. I hope i never meet a person as dumb as you in real life. Maybe you should go back to school for some lessons in reading. You obviously do not know how to read. I will try to help you as much as i can. 1. There is no Vice City forum they replaced it. This is the most General these forums get and the closest i can get toward getting my question answered. 2. I am not looking for cheats you dumb fuck i am looking for a save that has the whole map unlocked, and all the special features where you have to beat the game to get. I have beaten the game on my own time but am trying to play it on
  2. I am sadden you actually wasted a minute of your life to say that. It shows how pathetic you really are. Now if i dont post it in this forum what one do i post it in? Their is no VC forum. Their is GTA world online forum but that is all. So plz stop spamming your futile spam. Also this is the General forum.
  3. I am in Germany and i usually live in the USA and i want to play Vice City but i dont feel like doing all the missions all over again. I was wondering if someone could help me out that has the game beat(or pretty far) and saved so i can play it for a little while. If you cant host it we can still work something out whether it means sending it through a Messenger system or E-mail. Thanks.
  4. That does not make sense why would the disc be pulling the 80meg station files off the cd when if you take the cd off the radio stations it still works, you can listen to all the channels.
  5. I have talked to a few people and they have had the game lock up on them for awhile then unlock then lock. Well i have the exact same problem and i think i got to the root of it. At first i thought it was my PC wasn't fast enough to play this game at good res, but i was wrong i can run it on 1024x728x32 with ease but it will start locking up like all other resolutions. Well if you notice the game locks up when the CD-Rom starts reading the disc. Why is it reading the disc? I took the disc out after the lag went away and the game was running so smooth. I don't understand what the unmandit
  6. 1000 people may own this game but dont have the mod. Im saying 700 people playing at a time. Like the low of people playing at a certain time be 700. While their may be 1200 not playing. Get it?
  7. Yeah the only way i will play this game is through VC. So hopefully R* doesnt go all gay and make that impossible to do. But VC seems more of the game that would be fun to play this on. How many dedicated servers is MTA going to put up? If this game gets to a community size of like 700 that would be decent but that is going to take alot of advertising and alot of work.
  8. I don't know waht it is right now because i don't have GTA3 for the basic fact that i got sick of it on PS2 and once you try VC you can't go back because VC gives you a more real feel. I'm sure ill only play it with my friends on LAN because it will be hard to find a decent host to play and the only decent ones will be packed. So i was wondering how big the community is now and what size you think the community will be when the updates come and VC and all that come out.(if you make it for VC).
  9. I preordered it and on the box it said the 13 and now it is the 14 and i have to work that day. Usually on the first day of release you get 10 additional dollars off to. So i am roally pissed.
  10. Is their going to just be a free mode. I don't know about you but having a free mode would be just as fun as any of those if not more fun. Multiple people in the car for drive bys is going to be sweet. Although camping is going to fucking piss me off really bad. In Vice City someone is just going fly up a building land get out start sniping and sit their all day.
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