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  1. Oh.. i canceled the update and now i see its working, probably because i took other GTA San Andreas. Anyways thanx for the help ^^ See ya in the game! Same name in game.
  2. When i select the GTA folder and i click ,,Next >'' i receive a error This program cannot update the installed version of GTASA Patch Final because of the following reason: C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\ROCKSTAR GAMES\GTA SAN ANDREAS\gta_sa.exe:unknown version.
  3. Thanks for the info , im trying that right now. Lets hope its working
  4. DarkSaint


    Same problem here.. try http://www.rockstargames.com/downloads# ... tPatches/9
  5. Is 1.0.2 working on windows 7?
  6. DarkSaint


    You mean when you launch the game , ur sent back on dekstop ?
  7. If you could send me the link with the patch that would be nice. I took the GTA San Andreas from Strong Dc++ , named hlm-gtasanandreas .
  8. Not working. After the game is loading , the game window is closing.
  9. Any 1 that can help me with a answer?
  10. Hello! Just downloaded MTASA-1.0.4 and i installed it. I couldnt enter the game. I got a message from windows that MTASA-1.0.4 is not compatible with my windows. So what to understand? MTASA is not compatible with Windows 7 ?
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