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  1. MTA has not yet made up a realsese date. So there is no way its going to be 25th.
  2. Also there be anouther lie when a mta team 'IJ' said dont dont worry in wont be anouther year.. check the date topic http://mtasa.com/32.html
  3. anywayz.. can we make our own gamemode?
  4. The mta people hasnt got the brains to realease MTA:DM and making gamemodes and realesing them in the future..
  5. lol updates.. yes you see updates been putting on the list and ur all like "awww its comming its comming i can feel it comming" either that or ur watchin porn (sad f..u..c..k..ers) BUT! do you know how manny updates they are going to be doing? could be 100 more
  6. Well why did they decide to make this mod then? If they have own lives devs have no lives at all look at samp
  7. agree public beta players can find bugs in secounds rather than 10 or under beta teams to search the whole map
  8. Its a matter of trust.. MTA Team just dont give out a mod to some fan that they dont know. Its commen scence if mta gives says sure have it what would he do? he would spread it
  9. Sounds great and I hope that we can make our own game modes
  10. Think of it this way 79.8% of MTA and Samp players may own either Xbox360 and Ps3 They buy GTA4 they just will not have time for MTA:SA and SAMP anymore look at MTA:3 for an example
  11. Yatesyz they make there own As in samp they use single player (to avoide being procicuted)
  12. funny thing most people in this world might have GTA for pc but dont know it online I only knew because i googled play grand theft auto san anreas online and mta came up
  13. Some people would need to get lucky for GTA4 on PC Due to all new games requre a good graphics card and good RAM Allthough if its only 16 player maybe MTA can speand 5 years making a 85 multi player out of it
  14. Samp can create gamemode i dont see any point in MTA working on it. if they make gamemode realese it in scripts # p.s MTA:SA DM has been dev for over a year so im guessing end of this year due to the post made by "Ij" http://mtasa.com/32.html Dev Q. What did you work on that took so so so long?
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