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  1. They are all rubbish to be honest. I use Avast but the viruses seem to sneak into your PC even with Norton. You just have to be careful on what sites you access and what you download. I got a virus of a .gif image lol. My firewall detected it as a threat but it wasn't a big virus, minor but in the .gif image, there was a javascript running. Be careful what you access. This may have been caused through other ways and downloading dodgy stuff causes your Antuvirus to respond wierdly towards applications. It may have slightly corrupted your Anti-Virus therefore it may be viewing the application
  2. The way I see it, it is a game that was designed to be played on a PS2.. i have my PS2-to-PC converter. with GTA: SA, MTA: Race and SAMP i use my PS2 controller the same way across the board. MTA: DM is the only one that is doing it different. And I'm sure they have their reasons.... but I hope they at least try to mimic the controls properly. There is some concern about the R1 auto-aim vs Mouse Aiming... I don't really have a proper solution for that but as long as the option to use the gamepad is there, people who complain have the option to even the playing field by switching to gamepad..
  3. 100FPS? What system do u have?)) Just a simple AMD AM2 X64 4600+ with 2GB kingston ram and an ATi X1950XTX. sometimes when i start the game my framerate is locked to 47, other times its upwards of 100. Thats crazy lol. I wished mine would go over 25-30fps (or is is not supposed to?).
  4. I generally think that the sync on the Race Mode has been improved by a majoriy. I played and didn't witness cars sliding sideways or anything. Thats great. However, I noticed the spectator mode is still bugged. I get a screen with no spectator mode choice which is kind of annoying watching a black screen with letters in each corner. Hope this can be fixed in Version 3, if there will be one. That would be superb.
  5. I have noticed many bugs on race mode. I just hope this Version 2 has covered at least some of them. The sliding cars one was annoying. Great to hear that one has been fixed. Nice one.
  6. KillerNo99

    Bug in spectate mode

    I have also noticed that problem with Version 2 too. Hope this can be fixed. Most bugs are fixed in Version 2 and that's fabulous. Just hope this can be fixed in for the next release. That would be xtra-fabulous.
  7. I don't see anything wrong with the creation of MTA:DM V1 and V2. It's better if new versions come out sorting out the bugs. After all you can only tell the bugs with different people. I noticed bugs which others may not have noticed. It's a great choice for us to discuss the bug's and get them fixed in the next version up. Well done MTA crew. I kind off see where the delayment of MTA:DM came from now. As for the controller with just for racing, I think it's fine. You can't really play properly with full controls on foot. All conrolls can't fit on my Pad. I do agree with the fact that the
  8. On the race mod, cars seem to glide, like sideways. Their wheels don't move aswell, some of them do. I also get lagged from behind and thats pretty annoying when I am in 1st place and get taken out from behind from laggers. I don't lag for sure because I have been playing MTA:SA Race for a year or over. everyone seems to lag on MTA:DM Race Mode. Spectating mode is also bugged. Sometimes you are spectating a black screen with a name in the center. Also fustrating. These are bugs witnessed by me .
  9. I think that would be fine as most controls for on-foot require more key's and therefore keyboard is nessesary. For race, controller is essential for me Can't race without.
  10. I saw loads of cheaters, just floating about, very annoying. Hope they can integrate a better anti-cheat mod. It really needs it.
  11. I feel exactly the same feeling. Seems like a step back. MTA:SA Race is much better in terms of race mod. MTA:DM Race mode is just too bugged. Spectator mode, map voting etc.. seems to be miles worse than MTA:SA Race.
  12. 1] Sometimes you get a black screen when you are supposed to spectate a player. That annoys me having a black screen for 4-5 mins until map is finished. 2] On the race mode, some players wheels don't move and it looks like they re drifting sideways when they are driving on a straight. 3] I was 1st on a race map and suddenly, I got lagged from behind which knocked me off the track. Very annoying indeed.
  13. Why would you want to minimise whilst playing MTA:DM? I would find it irritating playing with someone in the middle of the road afking and having the window minimised whilst doing something else The anti-blur thing is a good idea. I hate speeding down with nitro with the whole screen bluring and causing minimum lag. I always played with anti-blur on MTA:SA Race.
  14. It doesn't work. I have tried connecting my controller on and played MTA:DM, it doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to make it work or has it not been purposely been allowed to be used on MTA:DM? I can't really race without a controller or play without one and find it very irritating playing with the laptop keyboard. Can this problem be solved on the new bug free, final version of MTA:DM? Would appreciate it greatly and I guess many others will too. Thanks, WaqarK - KillerNo99
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