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  1. BLuE_SySTEM

    Season Greetings

    Congratulations MTA!!!
  2. Script editor That is great! Good work!
  3. Yeah i guess we can't, i tried all the ways I'll wait for 1.0 release. Thanks.
  4. Hey everyone Is it possible, using executeSQLSelect, to get a selection ordered by points column ASC or DESC? I want to get top 10 players with most points table executeSQLSelect ( string tableName, string fields, [ string conditions ], [ int limit ] ) Looking at the syntax i guess it isn't but doens't makes sense order is also a selection field. If it isn't possible is there any easy way to do this instead of selecting all players and then see the ones with more points?
  5. Didn't see one yet Not this kind, i need something like this commands or a gui panel, whatever. I wish i could do it myself but it's being hard to get started.
  6. Is it possible to expect a version of this cool script for mta dm (race mode)? Would be amazing
  7. First of all, Great work MTA team Nice to see your spirit on this New map editor is really cool but it got me sad when i saw i can't really create races there. I mean, i can create the map but i can't set it to be a race (add checkpoints, nitro pickup, test race). I was really hopping that this version had that because, without it, the best way to make a race is using mta race and it requires uninstall and install of different versions. It won't have option to set a map for a race or am i wrong and saw things wrong? Either way, good work.
  8. great Testing your script again in one hour or so
  9. Great ideas i have been away because i had some problems with my computer =/ but now im back Your website looks nice Now we post our ideas at your website?
  10. lool np;) Thanks again will find more bugs later.. today is my birthday
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