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  1. Is there any difference between these functions?
  2. Thanks. But can you help me with my case, please? I am trying to add anti-aliasing setting to MTA (http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=5727) Here what I am did: http://pastebin.com/0HqTqMe1 But the setting doesn't applied. I think I need to call some function to apply it, but I don't know how to find it... EDIT: The report assigned to sebassje now, I'll look what I am doing wrong.
  3. Never did it... I understand that it isn't simple, but... please explain if you can. I tried to use OllyDbg, looked for some function adresses from MTA source - I understand that there is a function, but nothing more... I am bad with Assembler.
  4. I have (old) Wiki account (Izstas), but I lost the password. If I trying to restore password via E-Mail it says that there's no address for my account. How can I restore my account?
  5. izstas

    Season Greetings

    Do you really need 4294967295 players limit ?
  6. Each resource runs in own Lua VM (AFAIK), so global variables is available only inside the resource.
  7. Oh, unfortunately I don't know. I'll post more info when I get.
  8. "---" is same person. He played some time before and some time after the problem.
  9. Why it can happen? [2010-12-05 20:12:38] QUIT: --- left the game [Timed out] [2010-12-05 20:13:25] CONNECT: --- connected (IP: --- Serial: --- Version: 1.0.4-9.02033.2) [2010-12-05 20:13:25] QUIT: --- left the game [Quit] [2010-12-05 20:14:13] CONNECT: --- connected (IP: --- Serial: --- Version: 1.0.4-9.02033.2) [2010-12-05 20:14:13] QUIT: --- left the game [Quit]
  10. If I am calling getElementHealth (for event source) in onClientPedDamage event handler I'll get a 1) value from server 2) value before damage 3) value after damage?
  11. I love it Is there any progress with it? EDIT: Is your Zombies resource has better synchronization or AI? If it is, can you port it to SlothBot?
  12. I'm using custom MTA elements for some data that used only on server - for example, I have map file where I defined the list of camera matrixes that used when player joins, on server side. Is it rationally or not? Will MTA client receive all elements, including redundant on client side?
  13. Please backport this (respectively 1829 and 1831) to MTA 1.0.4, I really want this feature now I tried to port it manually (also I did small tweak - changed SERVER_UPDATE_INTERVAL from constant to setting in coreconfig.xml but it maybe not really needed) and it looks like working, excepting that I got timeout after "Entering the game". I think it's not bug, just network library disallows join with modified client. Thanks
  14. Community is down now, please make a download mirror
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