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  1. Now more research led to this... It was the MSCTFMONITOR.DLL file running at startup via "Task Scheduler". It wasn't Windows Event Log at all.
  2. Hello all you Newb Users, please see this -> viewtopic.php?f=89&t=21587
  3. FIXES: 1. Make sure you that you disable your sound card in Device Manager. If you refuse to do this, then buy a Creative Sound Blaster and stop using onboard devices. 2. Update/downgrade sound driver and then delete [.set] file. Also try different compatibility modes, if desired (won't help ). 3. Don't play in a server that has people currently inside - it must be empty. Trust me, these are the only best fixes that I can think of!
  4. FIX: 1. Launch MTA 0.5 (don't launch a server) and select RESET VICE CITY CONFIG FILE. 2. Locate "C:\Programs Files\Multi Theft Auto" and "C:\Program FIles\Rockstar Games\Vice City" 3. In the Multi Theft Auto directory, if there is a %s%s file - delete it. 4. In the Vice City directory, if there is a %s%s file - delete it. 5. Copy a config.cfg file in any directory that's 1 KB in size, and paste it in *both* GTA/MTA directories. (Make sure you are not copying and pasting a file that's only 0 KB in size!) 6. bind F11 showscores bind F10 showplayers bind t say bind F9 showchat bind F
  5. Windows Event Log - an important Windows service? And that's only *1* I disabled. You can renable it, if and only if an application says it's actually required. There's an alternative method to this in the link I posted. But this one is more effective because it ensures the game doesn't crash even when you set the priority on High. Also you can Alt-Tab out during gameplay. Yeah, and it also works. I can post a movie to prove. Did you ever experienced a "Black Screen & Mouse Freeze" issues under Windows Vista? If so, why did you post here in the first place? This thread is for people wh
  6. While doing some operating system tweaking, I realized that when this service is DISABLED - you will never get any freeze even when compatibility mode is turned off. An easier and interesting solution for people who don't have dedicated sound cards, eh? You could also disable the sound card too (dumb idea). More about what I am talking about is here -> http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=307992 Obviously the solution in this thread posted here already at the MTAForums is much easier: 1. Disable the "Windows Event Log" service. 2. Restart computer! 3. Delete [.set] file. 4. T
  7. Reinstall MTA and make sure you are using a v1.0 exe. Also, make sure you are not running Vista and that your game isn't Steam/Gamesload/Trymedia/Direct2Drive.
  8. This isn't the Steam/Gamesload/Direct2Drive/Trymedia version? Alright, MTA doesn't support the above. But since you bought the game, try and look up for a No-CD crack!
  9. Read this -> http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?show ... 1057429599 Deleting the [.set] file should be sufficient.
  10. Maybe your copy was v1.1 or something else? So all you had to do was to downgrade by using this? I'd figure the crack would have been the same as downgrading the actual exe. But you didn't have to download a warez copy of San Andreas, right?
  11. ^ Tell me WHY...? Anything a warez copy can do, a legit game can also do. Plus, patching the game on a legit copy is much easier since a warez copy would have to find the orginal exe first. Well, unless he/she downloads a perfect ISO copy of the game. But then again, there's the SecuROM protection that needs to be bypassed. I have dug deeper into the situation and it would in fact be true if somebody had the Gamesload/Direct2Drive/Steam/Trymedia version of San Andreas or some other incompatible version such as the German version. But in any case, why not BUY the game and not download a w
  12. Ring_of_Fire


    Try to reinstall MTA Race FULLY and run both San Andreas and Race in "Windows 98" or "Windows XP" compatibility mode (if it was on, turn it off... or if it was off, turn it on). Also, delete [.set] file. Also, make sure your San Andreas is already working in single player. I'd make sure your firewall is disabled too. If you want it enabled, then make sure you allow "MTA Race" access to the network.
  13. viewtopic.php?f=89&t=21587 ^ Very helpful. Anyway:
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