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  1. I have a problem: ( Because if I join I can not approve, but when I restart the resource if I am gejoint I can pass all commands? I really get nothing: ( I had already tried that when someone connects to the resource he automaticly irc restart but that did not work: S I hope someone can help. Wouter
  2. -------------------------------------------------------- -- Name: irc -- -- Author: MCvarial <MCvarial@gmail.com> -- -- Date: 02-05-2010 -- -------------------------------------------------------- -- events addEventHandler("onIRCConnecting",root, function () outputServerLog("IRC: connecting to "..getServerHost(source).." on port "..getServerPort(source).."...") end ) addEventHandler("onIRCConnect",root, function () outputServerLog(getServerName(source)
  3. Hi I have maked a script: if "..user.." == "DutchCheater" then restartResource(irc) end This script would be that if someone in the irc did that the resource must restart irc? but that gives nothing back? Thanks.. Wouter
  4. CowTrub that only languaege, I have money
  5. Hello, I searching for a script that you get your Language (and else players) on tab, more i can not find the script Has anyone of you son maybe script? (Sorry for my bad english i'am dutch...) And the wiki is down Thanks! Wouter
  6. but there's no car in color and so: (
  7. Hi, I'am searching for a good UserPanel for a Race/DD/DM Server Preferably with an example where you shop or nitro tires, car color, etc. can buy .. I hope someone or something is very maybe want one too (And mysql ) Thank you so much already! (Sorry for my bad english: P Google translator ...)
  8. No, I mean if you have an entire server, from DD bestaad (And a menu that vote 5 / 6 DM folders) that you can also select the folder you want to play
  9. Hi everyone, Maybe someone has a DD / DM server that I may have? I do not much scripting ... And I had done something (it was freeroam) and now the server coming in, you see nothing; l And he will not be listed? Has anyone michien son server located? or can anyone help with scripting? Thanks [DWW] Skype: bronmetkennis (And if it is a bit like: DMC, and dated maps: http://www.gtaforum.nl/topic/111912-rel ... ase-topic/ (if possible)) (Whe are dutch )
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