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  1. Phenom


    Is it possible, to avoid damaging, when the player falls down from big height? If yes, how? Only for fall damage, not weapons.
  2. Phenom

    Object rotate

    Thanks, it's very useful
  3. Phenom

    Object rotate

    Hello. I was wondering of rotating objects in the angle where i'm looking to. So, if i move my mouse, the object's angle will be the same as my camera angle. How can i do it?
  4. Phenom

    Basic mod problems

    I reinstalled the mta, and tried it also with 1.0.3 but it's the same. Maybe the mod can't load the map? Before this i never tried to use map supporting mods.
  5. Phenom

    Basic mod problems

    Before this, i runned freeroam, and it worked perfectly. But with the other modes, i get errors.
  6. Phenom

    Basic mod problems

    Hello. I have problems with the basic MTA game mods (like deathmatch, stealth, etc.). I started the stealth mode on my server, with one of SATAN's map. But when i connected, it did nothing. I couldn't spawn, the camera was above the chilliad i think. And today i started the Interstate mode, but it didn't do anything, too (but now the screen was black). The console gave me errors on interstate, and stealth, too. (like Bad Argument with getPlayersInTeam, and so on). I didn't try all of the basic modes, bit it's enough... Any ideas?