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  1. Ehm this just looks like some parts from PRS and SLR put together in an mrc file even above this line: /* ////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////// Scripts that are not mine, starting// //////////////////////////////////// */ its not yours....
  2. Ehm this just looks like some parts from PRS and SLR put together in an mrc file even above this line: /* ////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////// Scripts that are not mine, starting// //////////////////////////////////// */ its not yours....
  3. Hey all, Little while ago i was playing mta:sa on some server, and in the chatbox this came: Player has ID 1-10 Welcome To blablabla But how can this be done with because there was no infront of this. And i have never seen it before Greatings Frank
  4. Hey all, Little while ago i was playing mta:sa on some server, and in the chatbox this came: Player has ID 1-10 Welcome To blablabla But how can this be done with because there was no infront of this. And i have never seen it before Greatings Frank
  5. You need to set the IP in the mtaserver.conf Sould work when you do this, if you don't know the IP of your server goto: http://www.whatismyip.com Greatings Frank
  6. Hello all, Im trying to make an PHP script that will start the MTA:DM Server with the function: shell_exec() But im not sure how to do this. The server runs on linux: Ubuntu 7.10 The server is located in: /home/xtreme/MTA-Servers/DGC-DM And the program i need to start = mta_server Could someone help me with this? Greatings Frank
  7. But does this automaticly load the map into de mode? and how to tell the script to use the .map Spawnpoints inplace of the Random spawn?
  8. Turn the mode on? Lol Omg, dude i mean to load an .map file -.-
  9. Oh yeah, now that you tell me i see it myself to, tanks mate! May i ask you this last thing? i don't understand how to load an map into the mode, can you explain me how to do this? it would realy help me if you could do that i will be all happy. Thanks, Grtz. Frank
  10. ah okay, you sould contact [uVA]Bart he has made some !commands in mta:dm
  11. hey, ive got some problems with this gamemode, its all working now, you do spawn, but i have some problems with the teams, ive got the TeamBalance but i want that on Spawn player gets random put in Team1 or Team2, ive looked trough some functions but i can't seem to get it working. My GM: addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin",getRootElement(), function() local joinedPlayerName = getClientName ( source ) joinHandler(source) outputChatBox ( "Welcome " .. joinedPlayerName .. " to the official Arena Deathmatch server!!" , source, 255, 255, 255 ) end ) addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted",getRootElement(), function() setTimer(joinHandler,5000,1,source) end ) addEventHandler("onResourceStart",getRootElement(), function(res) if res == getThisResource() then for _,player in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do joinHandler(player) end end end ) function joinHandler(player) fadeCamera(player,true) spawnPlayer(player,math.random(10) * 3,math.random(10) * 3,5) end function onGameResourceStart() team1 = createTeam("Team1", 255, 0, 0) team2 = createTeam("Team2", 255, 255, 0) end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getRootElement(), onGameResourceStart) function balanceTeams ( thePlayer ) local team1 = getTeamFromName ( "Team1" ) local team2 = getTeamFromName ( "Team2" ) local team1Count = countPlayersInTeam ( team1 ) local team2Count = countPlayersInTeam ( team2 ) if team1Count == team2Count then setPlayerTeam ( thePlayer , team1 ) elseif team1Count > team2Count then setPlayerTeam ( thePlayer , team2Team ) elseif team1Count < team2Count then setPlayerTeam ( thePlayer , team1Team ) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), blanceTeams) Can someone help me with what? Greatings Frank
  12. omfg, the only thing i mean with simple that it only has to have the basic stuff to run it, so i can implant my scripts into it!
  13. yeah i think this is realy shit, because: 1. your stealing the MTA style (NOT COOL) 2. its like the simplest thing you can make just export te functions like server name, port, stats what ever. So, why sould you release this anyway, just an stolen piece of shit
  14. thomeke, i think your an bit confused where to post this topic, i know you from mta:race and i think you want this script for MTA:race and not MTA:DM? Greatings Frank
  15. hi all, Im requesting an simple gamemode that can load an map and spawn players at the maps spawnpoint. Just an simple script that i need as my base and build from there. Greatings Frank
  16. try this: meta.xml: <meta> <info author="yourname" version="0.1" type="misc" /> <script src="myWindow.lua" type="client" /> </meta> myWindow.lua: function guiToggleVisible ( ) if ( guiGetVisible ( myWindow ) == true ) then guiSetVisible ( myWindow, false ) showCursor ( false ) else guiSetVisible ( myWindow, true ) showCursor ( true ) end end myWindow = guiCreateWindow ( 0, 0, .5, .5, "MyWindow", true ) local tabPanel = guiCreateTabPanel ( 0, 0.1, 1, 1, true, myWindow ) local tabFrontPage = guiCreateTab( "Front Page", tabPanel ) local tabCommands = guiCreateTab( "Commands", tabPanel ) local tabCredits = guiCreateTab( "Info", tabPanel) guiCreateLabel(0.01,0.92,0.94,0.2,"If you see this your panel is working!",true,tabFrontPage) bindKey ( "F4", "down", guiToggleVisible ) Now you can open your windows by pushing: F4 Sould work, working for me so
  17. ive already got that it creates 2 teams at resourcestart, so im gonne build an map in mtarace then convert it to mtadm. But i will take an look in the gamemodes/wiki to see how they did it. Thanks for you help! you will hear from me when my gamemode is done i will upload it at mtabeta.com under the name: ADM (Area Death Match) I hope i can make some circles with warping in them because i wanne make it that players spam in an building, then there an hole lot of circles that go to deathmatch area, and then they can select it and when there in the deathmatch are there they can pickup weapons, i tought this was an pritty sweet idea So i hope it will all work! Greatings Frank
  18. Hello all, Im busy working on an new gamemode, but i only have the script done for money and stuff, now i would like to ask what i have to script to let the mode run properly, like whats all needed, im new in makin an gamemode ive build many many normal scripts but gamemode is an hole other thing. So hopefully you can tell what all i need to make for my gamemode. Greatings Frank! Thnx!
  19. Mmm,,... looks very nice mayby i could be an beta tester / lua scripter im good in lua
  20. Sorry, but i have to say that this is not possible, everything go's bye LUA / HTTP
  21. Well, This topic is now useless sins ive made everything work fine, so plz some admin delete it Greatings Frank ------------------------------------- GMS-UCP v1.1Beta Comming Soon!
  22. I've Fixed the problem with the cursor, ive change the activate button from "F4" to "U" and now that all works and the memo also works, but i still would like to know how to let it read the info in the motd.xml file. Greatings Frank
  23. Hi all, Ive got some problem with the Panel that i am developing (GMS-UCP-V1.1Beta), Everything works fine, but then i tryed to make an memo in it with guiCreateMemo, but then the mouse doesnt work anymore and i cant close or open the panel with F4 wich i have set to do this, here's my memo script part: newsfrontpage = guiCreateMemo( 0.01, 0.1, 0.94, 0.2, "Welcome To DJFrankie's Deathmatch Server!", true, tabFrontPage ) guiMemoSetReadOnly( newsfrontpage, true ) But i cant see what im doing wrong Mayby someone knows? And ive got an other question: When the memo works i would like it so i can configure it from an xml file named: motd.xml, so that the users of my panel can also edit this without going into the lua script what i dont want, but i don't know how to do this can someone tell me this secret? Greatings Frank ------------------------------------------------ http://mtastatus.radioxtreme.nl [NL] DJFrankie's FunServer NEW! - mta.radioxtreme.nl:22004
  24. Starting resources can be done very simple in the mtaserver.conf: <!-- Specifies resources that are loaded when the server starts and/or which are protected from being stopped. To specify several resources, add more <resource> parameter(s). --> <resource src="admin" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="helpmanager" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="mapcycler" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="mapmanager" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="resourcebrowser" startup="1" protected="1" default="true"/> <resource src="resourcemanager" startup="1" protected="1"/> <resource src="scoreboard" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="spawnmanager" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="votemanager" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="webadmin" startup="1" protected="0"/> As you can see this part of the config tells the server to start all these resources, Now to automaticly start you resource just ad the following line: <resource src="your-resources-here" startup="1" protected="0"/> Just fill in your resource there and save the file, start up the server, go to the server, and see it working without doing anything. Greatings Frank
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