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  1. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/536 ... rowser.zip If you can find it in that resource it's playable and the resource will give you the code you need to actually do it
  2. It does not work like that the spoilers work differently trying to add other parts just creates them at positions they would be on the normal model
  3. do you honestly think if/when I leave everything will be great? how many people do you think can/will finish my work if I do? I spend my free time doing this and all I get is abuse for it here's a short list of some of the stuff I'm responsible for Building removal finishing and merging lightsync BASS extensions BASS fixing and merging Vehicle Component functions Merging of Analog control states Custom Weapon Stats Custom Handling Vehicle Sirens Jetpack weapons Vehicle collision events Custom weapons model/texture replacement of weapons model/texture replacement of peds Vehicle variant
  4. the input seems to be a CPedSAInterface. it adds 1152 to the CPedSAInterface which is a pointer to a CPlayerPedDataSAInterface then you shall find that CPlayerPedDataSAInterface + 64 is a float which contains the breath (not a pointer to a float just a float) so what you are doing is right apart from that it's not a pointer (btw we already have breath documented) it's m_fBreath this might work better but like I say m_fBreath is a member inside pPlayerData anyway float CPedSA::GetOxygen ( void ) { CPlayerPedDataSAInterface* pInterface = GetPedInterface ()->pPlayerData; DW
  5. You are unbanned now though.
  6. variants aren't texture based, they are model based so you would need to use custom models for this and have some modelling experience. to do so you need to add a component to the model called extra1, extra2 and extra3 under the chassis dummy containing the variations... I guess in this case you may have to duplicate the shamal exterior in each extra though I'm not a modeller. However if you just want to add 3 textures then you may be able to use per vehicle shaders in combination with a custom model so you have a texture to replace: edit the model so it has a texture say "textureExterior"
  7. all your assertions about me are frankly false, I answer questions quite a lot which are aimed at me but if you are going to go on mantis and post "devs pls fix this" then I'll rant about it and I'm within my rights to do so as it helps me in no way shape or form and neither does using code review for random comments that comment wasn't about you someone else did that and it clearly annoyed me and that's how the IRC conversation started which your pastebin sorta lacks context in that respect. Also this ban appeal felt more like a flame than it did any form of appeal which is why I didn't re
  8. What rules would they be? We don't have any. I only ask you not to spam, post anything not considered reasonable or make snipe comments about me... for reference you failed the third one. Your attitude stinks you think I am here for you and you alone... your OP even shows signs of it and I'm tired of it. I am here because I want to be here. I do not have any contractual obligation to you or anyone in this community nor do any of you actually pay me so I am under no obligation to listen to your misguided views on why I am here, what I should spend my spare time fixing or snipe comments by y
  9. I don't see any reason to remove it after this "appeal". FYI I removed SOAD's that day... he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and I take issue with your opinion being stated as fact. Not even going to go into the flame on CIT which was unwarranted
  10. Because they are deleted... can't delete something that was never there ;D
  11. Report it but I actually can't reproduce it EDIT: Also make sure you specify the ped model for engineLoadDFF so it loads collisions
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