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  1. Hola, un consejo: Intenta hacer scripts basicos antes de lanzarte con scripts mas complejos. No se, hacer un comando para reemplazar el modelo de un auto es un avance y te ayuda a la practica. Así aprendí yo, haciendo scripts sencillos obviamente con la wiki accesible para saber que usar. Todos habrán pasado por este proceso de aprender un lenguaje nuevo (yo aún sigo estancado), pero dale tiempo, ya verás que con tiempo y practica podrás hacer cosas mejores
  2. Lander

    Graphics bug

    Hi there With a friend we are playing MTA SA 1.0.3, and my friend has a strange bug on the graphics, here's a screenshot: And the specs of his PC: AMd QuadCore processor 8 GB of RAM 2 nVidia Videocards Windows XP Professional What''s the problem? Has solution? A lot of power for MTA? Any help will be apreciated, thanks =P PD: This not happend in singleplayer or in other multiplayer clients.
  3. Hi there Some time ago, i've posted my way to play MTA with a Wiimote. Well, i made a video that shows how this works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4jrmiB1X4E Also, i found a bug that MTA only show the first device that it found. MTA recognize other controller and not the chossen one to play. See ya
  4. Hi. I have bougth a Bluetooth adapter for my PC. This is for traspass some photos from my Nokia 2630 cellphone to my computer. Well, a friend told me that with bluetooth and a wiimote i can use it for moving the mouse pointer, controlling the winamp, etc...... Searching videos of the wiimote on GTA (all fakes), i thinking that in MTA would be possible with the joystick function. And it's works!!!!!! If you have bluetooth and a wiimote, you need to download the following programs (search it on google) Glovepie Bluesoleil PPJoy With bluesoleil installed, we need to find the device (in that
  5. I still have the problem >.< I adjunt a screenshot when the problem happend As you can see, the download bar get stuck on 32.63 kbs, after 20 seconds, i get disconnect from the server.
  6. Hi there I'm hosting a Nightly build and updating it every week, in a PC with Wine. The problem is the next: I'm my PC (Windows XP SP3) when i host the server, I can enter without problems, I can change the gamemode, etc....... But when i'm trying to enter to the server hosted in the PC with Wine, i can't download the main resource correcty (a modified version of Freeroam GUI) even if i downloaded the same resource from the other server. What's the problem????? Can I report this problem on the Bug tracker???? Also, what strategy you recommend to host a dedicated server of Nightly Builds???
  7. Hi there If i'm hosting a certain version of MTA Nightly Build, the people can enter to the server with other version of Nightly Builds? Because i'm hosting a dedicated server, and i'm changing the version every week. Also, how i can create a custom map???? ( like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq_s2keI5xE )
  8. Hi everyone I got a friend who is owner of a cybercafe here in Chile =P. But the problem is the install of MTA dp 2.3 on the PC. The videocard is a integred geforce 6150, after the intro, the menu is black. The especification of the PC are: AMD Athlon x2 1gb of RAM GeForce 6150 of 256 MB (integred) I told to my friend that use the AMD core optimizer, but he said that the problem is the videocard, because he also play SA:MP and the client run perfectly. What's the problem?????? Thanks
  9. Hi I've installed the last nightly build, and i got this error Also, i've got a miss file, that MTA needs, the file is called irrKlang.dll What's wrong????
  10. The code was taken from the wiki. wdwLogin is the login windows for my gamemode, also taken from the wiki. Now, I put if ( guiGetText( edtUser ) ~= "" ) and ( guiGetText( edtPass ) ~= "" ) then -- rest of the code end And works, but when someone write a random username and password, it's enter to the game too.
  11. like this????? function clientSubmitLogin(button) if button == "left" then if guiGetText(wdwLogin) ~= "" then triggerServerEvent("SubmitLogin", getRootElement(), guiGetText(edtUser), guiGetText(edtPass)) guiSetInputEnabled(false) guiSetVisible(wdwLogin, false) showCursor(false) end end
  12. I got a big problem with the login window The gui work perfectly, but when press the login button, without write the username and password, the player appears in the map. What's Wrong????? Client Side function CreateLoginWindow() local X = 0.375 local Y = 0.375 local Width = 0.25 local Height = 0.25 wdwLogin = guiCreateWindow(X, Y, Width, Height, "Porfavor loguea", true) X = 0.0825 Y = 0.2 Width = 0.25 Height = 0.25 guiCreateLabel(X, Y, Width, Height, "Usuario", true, wdwLogin)
  13. I saw the examples, but i don't understand, a little help will be apreciated. Edit: Now i undertand, sorry for disturbed you =/
  14. Well, i've decided to make the gamemode 100% in lua. Because i'm noob in scripting, learning another languaje could be complicted. Now, i need your help How i can put a command to dissapear the login gui, and appear the License agreement???? Also i need help to script the "don't accept" (no acpeto) button, when is pressed, the player is kicked. Thanks Edit: This is all i got in licence agreement, i wrote the function to change from login to licence agreement function createAcceptationWindow() local X = 0.375 local Y = 0.375 local Width = 0.348 lo
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